A viral Facebook post has revealed the hidden meaning behind the Celebrations logo

You probably had at least one of them in your home over Christmas – but have you ever stopped to look closely at the logo on a tub of Celebrations? If not, prepare for the latest viral post from Facebook to blow your mind.

Chocolate fan Sian Smith shared a picture of the lid of a Celebrations container that she’d annotated over the festive period on her profile, with a note saying: ‘I can’t be the only one who has only just realised this??’

In the image, Sian has noted that the seemingly random letters that make up the logo actually correspond with the fonts from the range of sweets that are inside, as follows:

C – Mars
E – Maltesers
L – Galaxy
E – Snickers
B – Bounty
R – Mars
A – Galaxy
T – Twix
I – Milky Way
O – Bounty
N – Snickers
S – Mars

Okay, so the big reveal might seem obvious to some, but it was clearly news to thousands of others, as Sian’s post quickly built up more than 10K comments and 33K shares on the site.

‘Never even thought of it,’ one commenter confessed, while another agreed: ‘Well I was today years old when I found this out.’

meaning behind the celebrations logo
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‘Everyday’s a school day lol,’ wrote a third, followed by a fan who exclaimed: ‘omg cool! I feel enlightened’.

And if that’s made you reevaluate everything you thought you knew about your go-to treats, there’s another shock in store. Take a peek at the mountain that appears to the left of the text on any size of Toblerone bar and you should see a bear standing on its hind legs. No, really!

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The reason why there’s an animal included in the logo is actually very simple: Toblerone is produced in the Swiss city of Bern, which has a bear on its coat of arms. The more you know…