May’s Global YOU Beauty Box reviews

May YBB Reviews


MÁDARA Smart Antioxidants Fine Line Minimising Day Cream

I tested this day cream over a fortnight, at a time when my skin was out of sorts and I suddenly had some random very dry patches on my nose and forehead – odd because my skin is usually normal/oily. The great thing about this day cream is that it’s more ‘youth-preserving’ as opposed to anti-ageing – as such it is intense but also super protective. It’s packed with a cocktail of potent natural goodness and it totally turned my skin back around and left it looking and feeling better than it has in a long time. I look very rested and my skin is rejuvenated. I’m certainly going to explore Mádara more…

Holly Wadsworth-Hill

Andalou Naturals Instant Lift & Firm Hydro Serum Facial Mask

Sheet mask alert! In my experience, most people either love or hate a sheet mask but I am an ardent fan – they also scare the kids away long enough for me to relax in the bath! This sheet mask is the best mask I have ever used (and trust me, I’ve tried a LOT). I left the mask for the full 20 minutes (because life) and my skin was instantly smoother and more lifted, it felt super nourished and was brighter and more rested looking. The greatest test of all though? Even my husband noticed!

Holly Wadsworth-Hill

SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

I love using body scrubs but to know that this is so natural and made from coffee is amazing! First and foremost, this product has come along at just the right time of year – fake tanning application has just begun! This scrub exfoliates your skin beautifully so it’s ready for some colour without being overly harsh or causing irritation. My skin was left smooth and invigorated, plus the smell of coffee is dreamy (especially in a morning shower).

Dru Ryder


Andalou Naturals Instant Brighten & Tighten Hydro Serum Facial Mask

With a combination of Vitamin C, Fruit Stem Cell Science and Tamarind, you will likely be as amazed as I was to see that this mask instantly begins to lighten and tighten your skin. I’ve spent a lot of time in direct sunlight in hot climates and no doubt not helped my skin…this mask starts by targeting UV sun damage and activating collagen (thank goodness!) to help smooth complexion. Sheet masks have worked their way into my skincare routine and I really like this brand fresh from the US.

Charlotte Ashton


Cetaphil cleanser

I have quite oily skin and am prone to a breakout. Quite often I will resort to smothering the offending area in tea tree oil or something similar and, whilst these usually clear up the breakout – I am then left with a sore and dry patch of skin that becomes super sensitive, basically I can’t win – until now. Cetaphil is the essential cleanser that everyone should be using. It suits my skin perfectly and feels so gentle and clean. Plus, it’s FULL SIZE!!  I highly recommend this cleanser for all ages and skin types and even guys. It’s a brilliant all-rounder and can be used on face and body.

Dru Ryder

Caudalie Vinosource Perfect Serum

As I’ve got older I’ve noticed that my skin tone is becoming more and more uneven. Sun and environmental damage have also had a huge effect on my skin (I’m an admitted tanorexic) so about 3 years ago I invested in a skincare regime which has helped a lot. My main focus when it comes to my skin was always my blemishes/oiliness but now I can’t get enough of oil! After using Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, my skin became noticeably brighter and more even. It’s also made me feel less self-conscious without any make up on, which is a huge plus!

Cassie Hallala


After discovering Resultime through a lovely lady called Kirsti (founder of Katherine Daniels Cosmetics), it’s been an absolute hit with myself and our subscribers, and rightfully so! Resultime’s collagen gel was undoubtedly one of our most popular products on the site last year so I was super eager to give their Hydrating Cream a go. I found it worked best on a cleansed face and put on before bed. Your skin absorbs the most moisture when you’re sleeping so, when I woke up after using this product, my skin felt revitalised and really moisturised – love it!

Cassie Hallala

Maskorea Instant Glow 3-Step Face Mask

I tested this mask the night before a wedding and noticed an immediate but lasting difference. It really did give my skin an instant glow and it felt like a really luxurious spa treatment to apply. It’s a simple 3-step method that includes a cleanser, mask sheet and post-mask night cream. In the morning, I forgot I had even used it until I looked in the mirror and there was a much more refreshed and awake looking person staring back at me. My skin felt softer and deeply nourished, my skin tone was more even and overall, my complexion looked much more balanced and perky.

Kate Croft


Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

I’ve had a particularly busy month and the first place this shows is my eyes – they totally give me away and have actually been quite sore where I have been feeling so tired. The Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels felt amazing and quickly reduced the puffiness around the delicate eye area without any irritation – I left mine on for 20 minutes and had a little power nap at the same time, when I woke up I could feel much less pressure on my eyes – a result of the soothing and firming ingredients. These beauties have been featured on so many beauty blogs and magazines that I had high hopes and wasn’t disappointed.

Kate Croft


Gazelli Skin Balancing Cleanser Sachet, Intensive Age-Repair Cream Sachet & Reviving Eye Cream Sachet + £5 OFF (£30 minimum spend) discount card

Hand’s up, I have never used this brand before so I was excited to try this little bundle of freebies included in every YOU Beauty Box this May. Firstly, the cleanser sachet – I am always on the hunt for a good cleanser, and this one is definitely one of my faves so far. It removed all traces of make-up without leaving my skin feeling dry or tight, and after a few uses it claims to even skin tone so I will continue to use it! Next up, I used the Age-Repair Cream; this product had a wonderful scent, and left my skin feeling intensely moisturised for hours after use. I haven’t got any wrinkles yet, but hopefully this product will aid in preventing them! Finally, the Eye Cream, tired eyes are something I have a constant battle with, so I was more than willing to try Gazelli’s Reviving Eye cream. A lot of eye creams that I’ve tried tend to sit on the surface of my skin, without being absorbed, but this one seemed to soak in fairly quickly which is good as it felt as though it was working! Within minutes my dark circles were reduced and less puffy, and my skin was left feeling firm and notably brighter.

Brogan Wright


Bellapierre CATWALK Mineral Lipstick…

This month I was pleasantly surprised to find a slightly sweetly scented, strong, vibrant, moisture-rich lipstick to rival my usual bank-balance stretching choice of lipsticks! Honestly, this Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick exceeded my expectations because, although I only wear great quality lipsticks, I’ve not used a mineral lipstick before so it was all very new to me. It’s made with natural waxes and mineral pigments and includes Vitamin C and Vitamin E – this means the colour goes on super smoothly and lasts for hours – it literally stays perfectly put and, as an added bonus, the mineral pigments also provide natural protection from the sun. Catwalk is a flattering colour and is subtly and naturally vibrant with a really wearable matte coverage. Tessa Bali

Dr Hauschka Quince Day Cream

As to be expected from a top quality, exquisite brand, this day cream smells gorgeous. It’s really uplifting to apply in the mornings and made my daily skincare routine feel extra special. The thing I loved most about this day cream though is that it isn’t at all greasy, it sits comfortably on my skin and is very quickly absorbed – meaning you don’t lose any time moving onto make-up when you’re in a rush! With all the lovely ingredients, I’m looking forward to seeing a difference after a few weeks of wear too and it’s certainly so far, so good. Tessa Bali

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream

In my experience, some exfoliating cleansers can feel harsh but Dr Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream is non-abrasive and gently smooths onto the skin, leaving it refreshed and softly invigorated with its gentle ingredients.

The scent is subtle and almost medicinal – you just know you’re using something powerful the moment you put it on. For best results, pair this with the Dr Hauschka Quince Day Cream.


Indeed Labs 10 Balm Smoothing Cream

If you have sensitive skin you’ll love this product. You will also love this brand. I tried Indeed Labs for the first-time last year with the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and this month couldn’t wait to try the 10 Balm Smoothing Cream. Where does the 10 come from? You guessed it, ten effective healing ingredients in one tube, including the likes of Arnica, Bee Pollen and Vitamin E – all extremely nourishing and calming ingredients on the skin. ‘The perfect blend of science and nature’ they say – I’m inclined to agree!

Charlotte Ashton


Merci Handy

If you’re a germ-phobe like me, you’ll really appreciate this range of hand cleansing gels, from Merci Handy. This sweet smelling, Lollipop fragranced, instant hand sanitiser is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the usual scent of such hand gels and will leave your hands feeling clean, fresh and soft, wherever you are. The pocket-sized bottle is great for tucking inside your bag or coat pocket and the smell is an especially clever way of encouraging otherwise grubby kids to clean up whilst you’re out and about – added bonus!