Maya Jama: ‘I want to have my own MIJ beauty empire, a bit like Rihanna’

With the latest product drop in her MIJ skincare range, Maya Jama sits down with Suzanne Baum to discuss her work, beauty secrets and future plans.

TV presenter, radio host, DJ, skincare guru and entrepreneur, Maya Jama can pretty much have her cake and eat it. In fact, she does. As do I, as we sit inside a funky beauty salon kitted out in her branded cocktails and doughnuts – the perfect early breakfast treat!

Maya and Suzanne

The 26-year-old star has been on the go for hours and it’s only 10am. It seems that in order to juggle everything that she is when it comes to work, every minute counts.

However, as we sit down to chat, I don’t feel at all rushed – in fact, Maya is more than happy to give me as much time as I like for our interview, such is her relaxed way of making you feel totally at ease in her company.

Face Mask, £15.99, MIJ

‘I’m a people person,’ she tells me as we sit side by side in a pedicure chair at Rawr Beauty – the stunning venue where the launch is taking place. ‘I am all for being real and approachable and really appreciate the fact you’ve taken time out of your day to talk to me.’

And that, I think, pretty much sums Maya up – despite being one of the most in-demand celebrities in the country, she remains very down to earth. Yet – unsurprisingly, she is aiming high – so high in fact, she tells me ‘I want to have my own beauty empire one day, a bit like Rihanna.’

For someone who seems to turn everything she touches into gold, I’m pretty sure this will be the case. And I’m not just talking about her huge earnings off the back of her TV and presenting work, but the admirable work ethic that has got her where she is today.

Eye Patch, £13.99, MIJ

Despite only launching MIJ last year, Maya is already taking the skincare world by storm. It goes without saying the products – a bio-cellulose face mask and hydrogel eye patches – look, smell and feel wonderful on the skin, but I’m keen to know just how much Maya herself was involved in making them. A lot, it seems.

‘It has taken years to get it right. I know everything put in it.’ And she does it seems, not only its ingredients but how they work and why they are so effective. The facemask, for example, I tell Maya, made my 48-year-old skin feel instantly smoother.

‘That’s because the mask is derived from coconut water, not plastic. It holds 100 times its dry weight, which means it’s packed with more serum and moisture.’

‘The star ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which hydrates tight skin, plumps out fine lines and makes skin appear glowy. Then there’s the buzzy ingredient glycerin, which attracts water and makes skin supple, soft and healthy.’ This is no PR blurb, Maya knows her stuff.

For someone who doesn’t seem to ever take a break, Maya’s skin is glowing and is a true reflection of her skincare brand, one she hopes to expand over the coming year. ‘It is just goodness in a small package,’ Maya adds. And that is exactly how I would describe Maya!

Whilst she may be a force to be reckoned at the helm of such a high-profile job, this girl most certainly has the world at her newly pedicured feet.

The MIJ Masks Silver Hydrogel Eye Patches launch on from 25 June

Interview by Suzanne Baum.