Mary Berry’s banoffee pie recipe

Life before banoffee pie seems prehistoric as it is such a loved dessert! I have made it as a salted caramel banoffee (add a teaspoon of sea salt), though I prefer the classic version. Full of calories and no apologies!

banoffee pie
Georgina Glynn Smith


CHILLING TIME: A minimum of 2 1⁄4 hours

COOK TIME: 5 minutes


150g (5oz) digestive biscuits (about 10)
75g (3oz) butter


75g (3oz) butter
75g (3oz) light muscovado sugar
1 x 397g tin of full-fat condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract


3 small just-ripe bananas
300ml (10 oz) double cream
50g (2oz) dark chocolate, broken into pieces, or 1 tbsp cocoa powder

1. You will need a 20cm (8in) round, springform tin with deep sides, and a piping bag (optional). Line the sides of the tin with strips of cling lm (using a little water to help the clingfilm stick) and then line the base with a disc of baking paper.

2. First make the pie base. Place the biscuits in a freezer bag and finely crush with a rolling pin. Melt the butter in a nonstick saucepan over a low heat, add the biscuits and combine. Spoon into the base of the tin, pressing down with the back of a spoon to level. Chill for 15 minutes.

3. To make the filling, heat the butter and sugar in the same pan and stir over a low heat until combined. Add the condensed milk, bring to the boil and heat, stirring continuously, for 2-3 minutes or until dark golden, taking care that the mixture doesn’t catch on the bottom. Do not allow to boil for too long or it will become grainy. Add the vanilla extract and pour into the tin. Chill in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour or up to 24 hours.

4. Peel and slice the bananas and arrange in neat rounds on top of the caramel. Whip the cream to soft peaks and spoon or pipe it over the bananas, then level the top before chilling in the fridge for an hour.

5. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a bowl set over pan of gently simmering water. remove from the heat and allow to cool.

6. Remove the edges of the tin from the banoffee pie, peel off the clingfilm and transfer to a serving plate, slipping the baking paper from underneath. Zigzag the melted chocolate over the top (if using), making sure it’s cool or it will melt the cream, or dust with cocoa powder.


The base and filling can be made up to a day ahead and kept in the fridge. Ideally, the pie should be assembled with the banana and cream on the day. However, it can be assembled a day in advance: as long as the banana is completely covered in the cream, it will not discolour.


For a speedier dessert, use a tin of ready-made caramel (bear in mind that this doesn’t set as firmly).

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