Marks & Spencer’s ‘Youthful Lift’ bra has sparked a major debate

Should the marketing of a bra ever target a woman’s age? That’s the question that Marks & Spencer’s Youthful Lift range of bras has posed, after blogger Jane Cunningham criticised the concept on her Instagram account.

Addressing her 40k followers, Jane, who runs the account BritBeautyBlog, shared a picture of a rail stocked with the bras, explaining that she felt the underwear was being sold in a disappointingly ‘shaming’ way.

‘Wow – we have age-shaming bras now. Older, fyi, doesn’t mean droopier, saggier or less attractive,’ she wrote. ‘Check yourselves @marksandspencer #ageshaming #50plusandfabulous #beyou #bekindtoyourself #talktothehand #beautybloggers #haveconfidence #dontworry #loveyourshape #loveyourage’

Many were quick to support her comments, with one declaring: ‘Omg really an anti ageing bra…..when is this gonna stop. The marketing of this is awful aimed at older women but a younger model on the picture. Marketing this is ageist at its best!’

‘Not only insulting stating that but putting a “youngish model” on the advert!!’ a second agreed, while a third added: ‘What does ‘youthful lift’ actually even mean? It’s a load of nonsense. Body shaming is to purchase something we think we need. Sigh.’

‘I wonder whether men’s pants would be described in a similar way,’ one commenter questioned.

‘My saggy boobs are almost 47. My friend died of breast cancer at 45,’ another poignant post read. ‘I don’t give a f*ck for youthful boobs. Old boobs all the way.’

Youthful Lift bra
Marks & Spencer

The Youthful Lift concept appears to be trademarked by Marks & Spencer, who have offered the bras in a range of sizes and colours on their website for years. And despite the concerns about the language used to promote it, the actual fit of the bra has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, with an average of four-and-a-half out of five stars.

‘The most comfortable bra I have. Under wire never digs in and it gives me a good shape. It’s hard to find an unpadded bra that gives support, best I have found since gravity took hold!’ said one customer.

‘At last! Its beautiful, comfortable and ideal for the “older figure!”‘ applauded another, followed by one who wrote: ‘Excellent bra for the slightly older lady as it gives good lift and support. I went for the M&S measuring service and this style and fit was way ahead of other styles.’

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