Marks & Spencer has made pasta a high-protein option

Ah pasta, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Whether it’s topped with a quick tomato sauce, baked under a layer of cheese, tossed with herby pesto or served with a lovingly-prepared ragu, it’s the gift that keeps on giving – and now Marks & Spencer has packed even more nutrition into every plateful.

The store’s two new bags of pasta are made with chickpea and lentils, giving them an added dose of plant-based protein that will keep you feeling satisfied for even longer.

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Both products cost £2 for 250g, making them slightly more expensive than your average bag of pasta, which typically retails for less than £1 for 500g – but if you’re following a high-protein diet, switching to the new-style pasta could be a worthy investment.

The chickpea pasta comes twisted into casarecce, an authentic Sicilian-originated shape which is ideal for scooping up sauce, and has the added benefit of being gluten-free, which means that unlike wheat pasta it can be enjoyed by those who have gluten intolerances. An 80g portion contains 307 calories.

high-protein pasta
Marks & Spencer

Chickpea Casarecce Pasta, £2, Marks & Spencer

The wholewheat and red lentil penne, meanwhile, is rich in fibre and protein with a mildy nutty flavour, and contains just 269 calories per 80g serving.

Marks & Spencer suggest serving your chickpea pasta with oven roasted tomatoes and herbs, and topping the lentil pasta with tenderstem broccoli, chilli and a sprinkling of parmesan, with both simple recipes available on the M&S website.

high-protein pasta
Marks & Spencer

Wholewheat & Red Lentil Penne, £2, Marks & Spencer

However, both pastas are quick cook and can be used in any meal, much the same way as you would use your usual go-to brand.

Now that we’ve discovered the creative new offering, we’ll be popping ours in pasta bakes, burying it under bolognese and mixing it with extra vegetables for a healthy midweek dinner in a hurry. How will you be serving yours?