This bestselling M&S bra has more than 500 positive reviews

Since it first launched lingerie all the way back in 1926, Marks & Spencer has been the country’s go-to store for underwear.

According to the brand, one in three British women buys their bras from M&S, and forty five bras are sold every minute in store, while two pairs of pants go through the tills each second. From lacy, delicate numbers to sturdier everyday sets, it seems that almost everyone in the UK has some form of intimates from M&S in their collection.

But when it comes to the most purchased piece of all, it seems that we’re a nation that prizes simplicity above all else, as one of the most sold bras at M&S is a £20 t-shirt bra with no frills – just maximum comfort and great support.

bestselling M&S bra

Sumptuously Soft Full Cup T-Shirt in Black, £20, Marks & Spencer

A spokesperson for M&S recently confirmed to Good Housekeeping that the Sumptuously Soft T-shirt Bra is one of its bestselling styles in the lingerie department, and you only have to glance at the glowing list of more than 500 customer reviews to see why.

The line is made from a premium nylon mix fabric that is, as the name suggests, soft against the skin, and has natural padding to give a smooth, natural shape. Team that with the choice of three colours – black, white and almond – and a size range from A-G, and you can see why the bra is such a hit with shoppers.

bestselling M&S bra

Sumptuously Soft Full Cup T-Shirt in White, £20, Marks & Spencer

‘Really comfortable; great fit. In fact, the only style of bra I will buy!’ says one purchaser who calls the bra their ‘favourite ever’, while another agrees: ‘Really happy with this bra. Perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. Lovely and soft too.’

‘I love these bras. This is the fifth one I have bought, and as I wait until there is 20 per cent off, they are a great bargain,’ writes another fan of the style. ‘They are so comfy and soft, but with good support and a really smooth outline. Don’t stop making these M&S!’

Judging from the ongoing demand, we don’t imagine there’s any risk of that anytime soon…