M&S launched The Best Ever Éclair last week and it’s sold 700 every hour since

You’re certainly not alone if the thought of the Marks and Spencer food hall makes you giddy. Who can blame shoppers for getting excited about new M&S food launches when the store is constantly spoiling us with delicious creations? From the much-loved Percy Pig range to the value for money dine-in deals, we can count on Marks and Sparks to deliver.

The most recent cause for excitement arrived on 17 May, when M&S launched a new éclair as part of its ‘Best Ever’ range. How can you make a cream-filled pastry topped with chocolate even better? Well, Marks and Spencer’s epic dessert contains 50 per cent more cream and 20 per cent more choux than usual éclairs. We know size shouldn’t matter, but the new eclair also measures a whopping 7 inches long… Shoppers can’t help but be impressed.

The Best Ever Éclair has been such a hit, M&S sold 8,800 individual ones every day – so that’s 732 éclairs an hour – in the first six days since launching. M&S reported that if sales of the mouthwatering pastry, cream and chocolate combo continue like this, the éclair is set to become the best-selling dessert line in Marks and Spencer history.

The éclairs are priced at £5 for a pack of two and can be bought in-store. The M&S Best Ever range is also available to buy online at Ocado, but unfortunately, the éclairs aren’t on the website just yet.

Marks and spencer eclair
Marks and Spencer

It took a six stage process to create this tempting dessert, which included cutting the éclair in half lengthways to fit in even more cream. Biting into the éclair, you’ll also find a rich chocolate ganache that’s made with Madagascan cocoa and Belgian chocolate.

April Preston, the Director of Product Development at M&S, said: ‘The mixture of Madagascan and Belgian chocolate we decided to use really gives a decadent flavour and show-stopping finish – it simply melts in the mouth.’

Snack influencer and self-confessed ‘Eclair Queen’ Savannah Finestone reported on the new dessert and was quite the fan.

‘I’M D’ECLAIRING MY LOVE FOR CHOUX!’ she wrote. ‘A perfect crisp shell, stuffed with lashings of cream and topped with a thick layer of chocolate fondant and chocolate icing. They make all other eclairs feel somewhat inadequate!’

At the end of her post, Savannah gave the éclairs a ‘cream stuffed and puffed 10/10’. We’re sold!