Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is the Netflix show that will change your life this year

Would you watch a reality TV show about tidying?

It may not sound like the most exciting prospect, but the answer for most of us, Netflix believes, is yes, as its brand new series with organisational guru and founder of the KonMari Method, Marie Kondo, has arrived on our screens.

Marie first announced the partnership with the online streaming service on her (staggeringly popular) Instagram account back in February, explaining that the programme will follow her ‘bringing the life-changing magic of tidying’ to people’s homes, and ‘guiding individuals who are at a crossroads to spark joy in their homes and lives.’

‘So far in my path, as I grew older and my passion for tidying deepened, my mission developed from tidying my room, to my clients’ homes, to Japan, and now to the world,’ she explained in the post.

Almost a year later, Netflix has finally released the series, titled Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, helping us all kick off the new year with a fresh start.

Want to know more before Marie’s series hits our screens? Here’s the lowdown…

Who is Marie Kondo?

Author and acclaimed ‘tidying consultant’ Marie has been obsessed with organisation since she was a child, but rose to fame after the 2014 publication of her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which has sold more than eight million copies in 40 countries around the globe.

Her name quickly became synonymous with neatness, structure and order – so much so that sorting out a space using her techniques can casually be referred to as ‘Kondo-ing.’

In 2017, she published a second title, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying, to similar acclaim, and hosts regular seminars to help even more people get to grips with the KonMari way of life.

She is married with two daughters, who are learning the principles of tidiness at a very young age – the eldest, Satuski, is already ‘trying to copy me folding clothes’, she told the Wall Street Journal last year.

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is the philosophy behind Marie’s process, and essentially, boils down to the idea that if something in your home doesn’t ‘spark joy’ for you, it’s time to let it go.

Importance is placed on being ‘mindful, introspective, and optimistic’; you are encouraged to envisage the lifestyle you hope to achieve by making the changes, and items you no longer need are thanked for their service before you discard them.

If you target is your clothing, you’ll also need to learn the Marie Kondo-approved way of folding – but fear not, there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials to show you the ropes.