How to nail the manicure trends of 2022

From arty flourishes to a classic french manicure, we’ve got them covered.

Tending to your talons can be a soothing way to spend some time or, coupled with self-care, to cheer yourself up. And the demand for nail art is bigger than ever according to London salon DryBy. It has seen a huge increase in clients looking for that extra flourish for their fingertips rather than an old-school file and polish.

Whether it’s for a DIY manicure or a treat at the salon, here is all the inspiration you need to ensure your nails stay stylish in 2022…

gold accent nails
Chic gold accents are a subtle upgrade to plain polish. Image: Instagram/@drybylondon

Do-it-yourself detailing

Nail art doesn’t have to be about big statements. Miniature dotting, metallic accents and micro hearts are becoming increasingly popular.

dot detailing nails
Delicate dot details, designed by Dryby. Image: Instagram/@drybylondon

If that sounds too tricky, jump aboard the nail sticker train – last year Ciaté sold more than a million packs of their Cheat Sheet stickers at Simply place your chosen design on the nail (painted or bare) and seal with topcoat for a shortcut to fun detail with minimal effort.

Ciaté The Cheat Sheets Garden Party


Keep it classic

Think: your nails – but better. This look focuses on healthy, natural-looking nails that have a glossy neutral base and short micro french manicure tips. The result? A neat, chic pared-back look.

French manicure

Or for a subtle french manicure that even unsteady hands can manage, nail expert Marian Newman recommends using a pale milky white on the tips and, while it’s still wet, topping the entire nail with your chosen nude shade to blend the two together.

Nails Inc nail polish


A funky French mani

Modern multicoloured tips turn the classic french manicure on its head and can include a line along the lunula (the half-moon at the base of your nail). The new look is a nice change from your usual mani.

French mani
French manicure
A French manicure with a difference, painted by the team at Townhouse London


nail berry nail polish

liner brush

For a gentler gel polish

At-home LED gel kits became must-haves for those missing their manicures in lockdown. However, most semipermanent varnishes contain hema and di-hema which can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

For something gentler, Manucurist Green Flash gel polish uses up to 84 per cent bio-sourced ingredients, including sugar cane, corn and wheat. Plus it is the first clean semipermanent gel varnish that can be removed like regular polish.

Manucurist Green Flash gel polish

To apply, simply paint the base coat on to nails, cure under the light for two minutes, paint two coats of your chosen colour, curing each of those for two minutes, before finishing with a layer of topcoat and curing for a final three minutes. Et voilà! Shiny, glossy nails for up to ten days.

Plus there’s no need to file or use acetone when you’re ready to remove. Just place a cotton pad soaked in regular nail polish remover on to each nail, pop on the handy Removal Clips (£6) to hold them in place, wait for a couple of minutes then wipe away. The Green Flash Starter Kit, containing an LED lamp, base coat, two bestselling Green Flash shades Hortencia and Red Cherry, top coat and polish remover, is £85. Separate shades are £19 each, all at

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