Calling all bath bomb fans: Lush is now selling shower bombs too

It’s no secret that some of Lush’s bestselling products are its much-loved bath bombs – from the cosmic rainbow swirl of Intergalactic to the rich, softening properties of Butterball, beauty junkies are obsessed with the little globes of goodness.

If you don’t have a bath at home (or just are more of a ‘hop in and rinse’ than a ‘long hot soak’ kind of person), you may have wondered what all of the fuss is about. Now you can find out, as Lush has just introduced a range of shower bombs.

Sleepy shower bomb, £2.75, Lush

Similar to bath bombs in structure, the shower bombs are ‘beautifully crafted fizzers’ that are designed to bring all of the joys of bath bombs to your shower experience.

To use them, you simply hold them under the running water and watch them expand. Once the ingredients become active, you can inhale the scent of the relaxing essential oils, and then scoop up the foam to use as a cleanser, repeating the process until the bomb is gone.

Not Sleepy shower bomb, £2.75, Lush

The shower bombs are a creation of #LushLabs, where the brand debuts their new, innovative products, and fall under the #LushMoods collection, a set of 11 new products designed to ‘redefine aromatherapy as you know it’.

Also part of the launch is the Atmospheres, which are single use shower gels wrapped in a layer of biodegradable seaweed gel to cut down on packaging.

Karma shower bomb (coming soon), £2.75, Lush

Mark Constantine, Lush Co-founder & Managing Director, explained: ‘These new products aren’t medicines, they are to do with transforming your mood.

‘There’s this thing called Brief Strategic Therapy, where someone comes in in one state of mind and leaves in another. That’s the idea behind all of this. You have one mood when you get in the bath and another when you leave. They’re single-use products – they’re a dose.’