A very Luke Evans Christmas: Turkeys, traditions and the family party game you need to try

Luke Evans is a man of many talents, from bringing down the house in the West End to owning the big screen in epics like Beauty & The Beast and The Three Musketeers. Now he’s launching At Last, a debut album of personally curated covers that showcase his incredible voice that’s hitting stores just in time for Christmas singalong season.

To celebrate, we sat down with Luke to chat all things festive, and from prepping the turkey after too much red wine to the game he loves (probably because he always wins), he did not disappoint.

Here’s how to do Christmas the Luke Evans way. Mariah playlist at the ready.

Location, location, location

Like it hot? So does Luke. ‘What I’ve chosen to do over the last several years is go away for Christmas,’ he says. ‘Usually is I go somewhere unusual, somewhere different, sometimes very warm’ – but that doesn’t mean the traditions don’t go down.

Decorations are to be treasured

‘Over the years I have collected some nice Christmas baubles, I’ve got one signed by Dionne Warwick. I have a beautiful wreath for my front door as well, but I’m always too scared to put it out just incase somebody is going to steal it.’

Make friends with the neighbours

It turns out Christmas disasters happen to us all – but knowing the people on your street could well save the day: ‘I had friends and family come to visit one Christmas and I was cooking roast turkey, and the electricity went off in three apartments in the building. One of them was mine. It was an electric oven, so I had to call my neighbour and I asked if I could use his kitchen to cook my Christmas dinner.’ He said yes, obviously.

Value the little things

Save your money – Mr Evans is all about the stuff that doesn’t sit under the tree. ‘The best present I’ve even been given is being away from home and having my friends and family come visit for Christmas,’ he says. ‘That was very lovely to have people around. It’s never really about material gifts.’

Games are crucial

Luke and his family and friends are obsessed with a game called Password – and this is how it works. Put yourselves into two groups, and create a pile of words on sheets of paper. Each player picks one and then you wager, betting on the smallest amount of goes you can take to get your team to guess the word you’ve just read. Simple, but increasingly hilarious as the turns disappear.

‘I’m very good at it,’ Luke adds. ‘That’s probably why I like playing it.’

Prep time needs red wine

‘I’ve done it upside down, I’ve done it standing upright inside a pot, I’ve basted it, I’ve done it a few different ways,’ Luke recalls of roasting turkey. ‘I have a really great friend who’s a good chef who did it one year and we prepped everything the night before.

‘The problem is we prepped it drinking copious amounts of red wine, so the morning of Christmas Day we were really hungover and it wasn’t as fun as it probably should have been. But the prep the night before was fantastic.’

‘I do everything, there’s nothing left off the menu, all the trimmings and the stuffing, the sprouts. And I never worry about my diet at Christmas – you work hard, you train hard, and you eat healthy when you can, then when you can’t, enjoy it! Embrace it all.’

Soundtrack is crucial

‘Mariah is always on there. I mean, that song. If you haven’t got an ounce of Christmas spirit in your body, just play the first three bars of that track.’

A man after our own hearts.

At Last by Luke Evans is available now. With thanks to The Standard London