Married At First Sight fans are going to love Netflix’s latest dating show

Calling all dating show fans, we’ve got some excellent news. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Netflix is treating us all to a brand new reality show all about finding the one – only it’s less Love Island and more Married At First Sight.

The series, aptly titled Love Is Blind, will see a group of singletons take a leap of faith by getting engaged to someone they have never met before. Yes, we know – it’s a very bold move. But hear us out.

Love Is Blind netflix
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Created by the people behind hit show Married At First Sight (shock), Love Is Blind will see all the single participants given a line-up of potentially love matches. These are all anonymous and none of the singletons get to meet or even see one another, meaning their connections will be purely based on who they have the best conversations with over the phone.

They will then pick a partner based on who they have the strongest connection to and propose to them. It will only be after this step that they actually get to lay eyes on each other, meeting their bride or groom for the first time.

After that, the couples proceed to plan their big day together whilst getting to know each other on a deeper level and establishing whether they have a physical attraction. Will it work? We’ll have to wait and see.

The American show will be hosted by Nick Lachey (who you may remember from 90s pop group 98 Degrees or perhaps his early noughties reality show with ex Jessica Simpson, Newlyweds) and Vanessa Lachey, his wife of nine-years and counting.  The couple have been together for fourteen years, so they’ll no doubt be able to dish out some valuable advice to the participants throughout.

Love Is Blind will be released on Netflix on 13 February, right on time for Valentine’s Day.