You can now get your hands on Lotus Biscoff Kit Kats

2020 has been a tough year so top notch snacking has been essential, understandably. And the world of confectionary is about to take a turn as it’s revealed that Lotus Biscoff Kit Kats are absolutely now a thing. 

Yes, that’s right, two of the very best sugary delicious snacks have been combined to make what can only be described as the gold standard of chocolate bars — but unfortunately, like many good things, there’s a rather large catch for UK fans hoping to get their hands on one. 

The delicious-looking bar is not currently available over here in the UK, but we’re keeping all of our fingers crossed it’ll be with us really soon. In the mean time, there is a way you can actually snap some up — but it’ll cost you. 

Nestle Kitkat Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Bars Mini Moments 17.5G (Pouch X 7 Mini Bars), £13.99, GB Gifts

Confectionary retailer GB Gifts is selling the Kit Kats, which are available to import for the rather steep fee of £13.99 (plus £2.99 shipping). For this price, you get a pouch of these in mini size. It may sound like a lot, but we’re thinking after the year we’ve all had, we totally deserve this. 

However, if you can’t quite justify forking out over £15 for some chocolate bars, there are some other ways to feed your Lotus Biscoff addiction while we wait for the Kit Kats to arrive at our shores. There’s the biscuits, of course (which you could always dip in chocolate for a similar — albeit less impressive — effect), along with the spread, which is also available over here. 

Then there’s a series of Lotus Biscoff recipes you could try, such as the ones available on the official website. The most chocolatey options have to be the Chocolate and Lotus Biscoff Mousse (yum), and the Lotus Biscoff and Chocolate Terrine, which is described as a ‘lasagna of Lotus Biscoff and chocolate’. Sold!

However you choose to fulfil your cravings, we just hope the Kit Kats will eventually make their way over to our local corner shop.