Mango has the best Loewe basket bag dupe for a tenth of the price

Basket bags have always been a warm weather staple, but this year one particular version is taking over Instagram feeds across the globe: the Loewe basket bag, which has been hanging from the arms of all of the chicest influencers all summer long.

The leather-trimmed tote ticks all of our boxes – amazing quality, neutral palette (read: wear with everything), adjustable straps for peak picnic comfort. But one thing that’s held many of us back from actually going ahead and clicking purchase is the price.

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Loewe’s designer bag comes in various sizes, but a medium will set you back around £350 – pretty steep for a straw bag, in our books. So we couldn’t be happier to have stumbled across an affordable high street dupe that retails for a 10th of the price of the original.

Loewe Medium Leather-trimmed Basket Tote, £350,

Mango is the ultimate destination for great, affordable versions of many a cult piece of arm candy: the Spanish retailer has already mastered a take on the pillowy Bottega Veneta pouch (RRP a somewhat eyewatering £1,990), and Meghan Markle’s £300 Rejina Pyo bag.

Now, just in time for the scorching weather, there’s a Loewe basket bag dupe on the website that has all of the same relaxed, rustic charm.

Double Strap Basket in Medium Brown, £35.99, Mango

Mango’s version of the signature straw bag comes in two different colours – black and tan – and will look just as great paired with everything from jeans and a casual white tee to your collection of floaty summer maxi dresses.

Like the Loewe bag, it comes with the same useful front pocket and is very generously sized, with enough room for all of your essentials – plus a handy drawstring section inside to keep them safe.

Loewe basket bag dupe

At £35.99, the Mango Loewe basket bag dupe is an amazingly purse-friendly find that will certainly give you the essence of the original for much less.

The only tough purchasing decision now is which one to invest in – although even if you threw caution to the wind and got both, you’d still be saving around £278 when compared to the luxury incarnation…

Loewe basket bag dupe mango

Double Strap Basket in Black, £35.99, Mango