The BBC has announced a new Dr Foster spin-off series

Dr Foster fans, rejoice. The BBC has just confirmed that the creators of the hit series are working on a spin-off show that sounds just as gripping as the original. However, this time the story will be all about GP Gemma’s neighbour, Anna.

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The upcoming drama by Mike Bartlett is titled Life and will be made of six parts – all of which focus on Anna, played by The Crown star Victoria Hamilton. But will Suranne Jones and Jodie Cormer still make an appearance?

Here’s everything we know about the exciting spin-off…

The plot

Unlike the original show, which is set in the fictional home county of Parminster, Life is set in Manchester where Anna has relocated after splitting from her cheating husband, Neil, who fans will know had a brief affair with Suranne Jones’ character GP Gemma in the first season of Dr Foster. However, it isn’t just her postcode she has changed, as Anna is now living under a new name.

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Explaining the plot, Bartlett said: ‘In the last series of Doctor Foster, Anna split up with Neil and moved away. But I loved her as a character and suspected that was really the start of her story, rather than the end. In Life we find her living alone, under a different name, in a new city. It’s one of four story strands that make up the series, the other three being new, completely different interconnected stories that explore the epic and extraordinary in our everyday lives.

He added: ‘It might share a universe with Doctor Foster but Life is a whole world of its own.’

The cast

Sadly, neither Suranne Jones or Jodie Cormer will star in Life. But there will be an exciting new line-up of familiar faces in the series including Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey), Peter Davison (Doctor Who), Adrian Lester (Trauma), and Rachael Stirling (The Bletchley Circle) as well as protagonist, Victoria Hamilton.

The air date

Life will air on BBC One but no air date has been confirmed just yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more information over the next few months.