This £3.89 product is keeping thousands of pets amused when they’re left home alone

Having a pet can bring plenty of joys to your life – but it can also be a source of sadness, particularly when you have to leave your beloved four-legged friend at home alone.

However, there’s a new product on the market that’s keeping animals busy, even when their owners are out of the house, and it’s become so popular that 160,000 units are selling every single month.

The Lickimat Buddy Treat Mat is a simple but effective rubber mat with a series of raised grooves. When you add your dog or cat’s favourite soft treat – think peanut butter or yogurt – to the mat, it settles into the embossed pattern, giving them hours of entertainment as they lick the mat to get to the food.

Not only does the Lickimat allow you to leave small servings of snacks for your pet to enjoy without overfeeding, the licking motion is said to sooth and calm your pet, meaning their anxiety is reduced when you’re not around to comfort them yourself.

‘Because of the different shapes and patterns, the stuff gets in the corners, it can take the dog from 20 to 90 minutes to clean it,’ Joe Clarke, one of the co-creators of the product, explained to Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin, adding that the Lickimat has become a bestseller in the UK, USA and Europe too.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have shared pictures of their pets using their Lickimats at home, with many online reviewers confirming their effectiveness at delivering a relaxing treat.

‘Great to keep the dog occupied and can be used with a variety of fillings,’ said one, who gave the Lickimat five stars on Amazon. ‘I’ve used peanut butter, cream cheese and also just wedged small kibble pieces into the cracks, poured on boiling water, left to cool and put in the freezer. Kept her occupied for a good while!’

Lickimat Buddy Treat Mat, £3.89, Amazon

‘Can’t rate this highly enough,’ another agreed. ‘Such a simple idea and very low cost. So far I have just put peanut butter on and then frozen it which has worked really well. My dog was entertained for quite a while!’