Lefties: The Zara outlet store you never knew existed

Zara is hands down one of the most popular fashion chains on the UK high street right now, thanks to its trend-led designs, vast range of styles and crucially, affordable prices. But if you thought Zara clothes were already purse-friendly, wait until you discover Lefties, the outlet store where you can find their items for even less.

Lefties – named as such because it sells ‘leftovers’ from previous seasons – is the genius creation of Zara’s parent company Inditex, and was launched as a way of clearing out pieces from the brand.

Although you may not have come across it before, it’s certainly not a new arrival – in fact, the first Lefties show was created in 1993.

But a few years ago, Lefties was given a refresh; ‘behind the scenes, Lefties is recruiting designers, pattern makers and buyers to report to its new head Xavier Ruz – formerly of Inditex’s teenwear brand Bershka. The label has also just launched its own newly designed website,’ reported Reuters back in 2014, and now the buzz is building once again.

According to The Telegraph, clothes at Lefties sell for around a third less than typical Zara prices – meaning that there are some serious bargains to be had, and from a scroll through the Lefties Instagram, it appears that most items retail for €20 or less. So, what’s the catch?

Well, as you may have guessed from the Spanish company, there aren’t actually any Lefties stores in the UK.

Lefties currently has more than 150 stores in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Russia and Qatar – but none as of yet in the rest of Europe (or beyond). And while we can cross our fingers and pray to the fashion gods to bring Lefties to our shores, for now, the best way to snap up a steal is to visit when you’re on holiday.

In the meantime, check out lefties.com, which, while not being an e-commerce site, will allow you to browse recent looks for inspiration when you finally get to visit.