This Kirstie Allsopp-approved tip will change the way you hang clothes forever

Kirstie Allsopp is one of the best-known property experts on our screens, but her knowledge extends well beyond the art of buying and selling. From crafting to cooking, Kirstie’s tips and tricks for around the home are also endless – and her most recent prompted even more discussion than most.

‘Quick question,’ Kirstie asked her 407k Twitter followers recently. ‘Does anyone hang clothes in their wardrobe inside out to prevent dust/marks? Is this a thing?’

And the response from followers was overwhelming, with some declaring they’d been doing just that for years, but many others saying that the simple yet effective idea had only just occurred to them, and would revolutionise their laundry routine from now on.

‘Yes, I do that, and also hang then on the line inside out to prevent marks from the line, pegs or bee pollen dots showing on the outside,’ explained one. ‘Not sure if its a thing, but seems like common sense to me.’

Kirstie Allsopp hanging clothes inside out
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‘Really good (expensive) and not often worn clothes have an old shirt hung over them to keep them dust free,’ a second suggested, while a third wrote: ‘Always! Wash and iron that way too. Started as a way to preserve black jeans years ago and haven’t looked back!’

‘Never heard of it, but what a fabby idea lol,’ another admitted. ‘I don’t but it’s not a bad idea for some clothes. Might start!’ agreed another.

‘I always knew you were a modern day genius and with this morsel of info you have proved that indeed you are the ? of all that is brilliant,’ an impressed fan quipped in the thread.

After the initial frenzy of discussion, Kirstie later revealed that she’d asked on behalf of a contributor on her show Love It Or List It, and that the replies had ‘made her day’.

So, will you be giving the trick a try?