This is how Kate Middleton is keeping fit in lockdown

With most of us working from home and cooped up indoors thanks to lockdown 3.0, keeping physically fit can be a bit of a struggle, particularly as gyms and leisure centres across the country remain shut.

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But we all know the benefits regularly moving our bodies not only for physical health, but our mental wellbeing, too.

So if you’re looking for some fit-spo, Kate Middleton may just have the answer. And while it’s no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge is naturally athletic, her fitness regimen isn’t as intense as you might think.

In an exclusive interview with, Roberta Fiorito – co-host of the Royally Obsessed podcast – revealed exactly how Kate Middleton prefers to keep active, particularly in lockdown.

‘We know Kate is so competitive and so outdoors-y,’ says Fiorito. ‘She’s talked about how much she loves the outdoors, and anytime there’s a sporting event she and William can participate in, they’re super competitive.

According to Fiorito, Kate is currently enjoying going for runs in the grounds of Anmer Hall, the family’s country home in Norfolk. Other outdoor sports she enjoys include skiing, cycling and rowing.

In fact, Fiorito says that Kate has an indoor rowing machine at home, which we imagine she’s taking advantage of in lockdown until she can get back on the water again.

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Kate also maintains good core strength by planking: ‘She works out every day and is also really into planking, which makes sense because her core is so in shape,’ Fiorito adds.

The main motivation behind Kate’s exercise routine? Setting a good example for her children. 

‘For her, a lot of it is setting a good example for George, Charlotte, and Louis,’ Fiorito explains. ‘Saying, ”Look at how important exercise is – I do it every day”. Kids take up habits from being led by example, and Kate shows them how a healthy lifestyle looks and feels.’

So if you’re looking to take inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge’s workout routine, it’s just as simple as going for a walk or jog in your local area and working on your core strength.

If you want to plank like Kate, hold a regular plank and/or a side plank for 45 seconds and repeat for 10 reps, as reported by the Daily Mail. Just don’t let your hips drop!