Kate Garraway’s stripe Oasis dress is on sale

ITV presenter and recent YOU magazine cover star Kate Garraway just wore a gorgeous stripe dress on This Morning and lucky enough for us, it is not only in stock but currently on sale. Hurrah!

The fitted midi style tube dress is multi-coloured with red, orange, navy and beige stripes – right on trend for the end of summer season. Designed by Oasis, it is now available on the retailer’s website for just £28.80 due to their current 20% sale on all items. So if like us, you loved the look of it when she appeared on your TV screen this morning, now is the time to purchase one for yourself.

The Colour Stripe Tube Dress was originally priced at £36.00.


Before she stepped out on the set of Good Morning Britain, Kate’s look was debuted on Instagram by ITV go-to stylist Debbie Harper, who shared an image of her client wearing the gorgeous dress. As you can see, she finished off the look with a stunning pair of pointed red heels and voila, Kate was camera ready.

However, her dress wasn’t the only thing that had people talking this morning. During yesterday’s show, the 51-year-old TV presenter recalled an old photoshoot in which she pretended to breastfeed a cow – yes, you read that right. While it was all in the name of ‘art’, Kate admitted that it wasn’t her finest hour.


Colour Stripe Tube Dress, £28.80, Oasis

‘Now it was all part of a documentary,’ she explained, after fellow news reader Charlotte Hawkins (another one of our style crushes) brought the story to light. ‘It was a serious piece of journalism on Channel 4 called ‘Other People’s Breast Milk’ about people who drink other people’s breast milk.’

She continued: ‘There was gaffer tape and an element of fakery about. And it clearly made the point because we’re still talking about it 12 years on… It’s not something I’m usually proud of, although I did look good.’

She’s not wrong there, she always looks good!