This K-Beauty brand just hit the UK and its bestseller is under £2

K-beauty, otherwise known as Korean beauty, shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. We are still looking to the east to inspire our own skincare routines, and luckily, we’re increasingly being given access to Korean brands.

The latest to hit the UK is Nature Republic, a natural brand that is committed to bringing its customers the best ingredients from around the world, all for pretty palatable prices. The ten natural ingredients they use in their range are as follows: aloe vera, deep seawater, snail mucus, calendula, argan, baobab tree seed, oxygen water, shea butter, ginseng and green leaf. All are sourced from across the globe.  

Nature Republic UK
Nature Republic

Soothing & Moisturising Aloe Vera 92% Soothing range, from £6, Nature Republic

The brand describes itself as, ‘the one stop shop for all your K-Beauty needs.’

‘Nature Republic has heaps to offer beauty addicts from bestselling moisturising gels and creams, cleansing water, SPF, hair treatments, facial mists, makeup, face masks and eye creams – making this the ultimate destination for K-beauty lovers,’ they say.  

Nature Republic opened a successful K-beauty store in October in London, and it has now launched a UK website, making its products accessible to the entire country.  

Nature Republic UK
Nature Republic

Sheet Masks, £1.80, Nature Republic

So what should you be buying from the range? Seeing as everything is incredibly affordable, it could be easy to get carried away. But the hero product, unsurprisingly, has to be the sheet masks, which will only set you back a mere £1.80.

There is a huge range to choose from, all boasting varying natural ingredients and benefits. And considering they are sold once every ten seconds, you know they’re going to be good.  

Also popular is the Soothing & Moisturising Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Tube, which amazingly has previously sold 1 million units in under 24 hours. The gel can be used on the body, face, and even hair, to cool and nourish, and only costs £6.50.

Nature Republic UK
Nature Republic

Super Aqua Max Fresh Cream, £16.50, Nature Republic

Then there’s the Aqua Max Fresh Watery Cream, which is slightly more expensive at £16.50, but still totally affordable. The super lightweight cream promises 72 hours of hydration, and contains water that has been sourced 914m deep sea water from Kona, Hawaii and that features 33 different marine extracts. Impressive.  

The entire range is available to shop now over at You can also visit the brand’s store in London at 64-66 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0BT.