Jennifer Aniston prepped for the Emmy’s with this £17 sheet mask

Hands up who wants beautiful skin like Jennifer Aniston? Everyone, right?

While we can’t get hold of her clearly impeccable genes, we may be one step closer to that dream of achieving an Aniston-worthy complexion. Ahead of this week’s Emmy awards, the actress shared a snap on Instagram of herself prepping for the show, which was held virtually this year for the first time in history.

The picture showed the The Morning Show star at home, sitting cross-legged on her sofa in the cosiest looking pyjama and robe set. In one hand she holds a glass of champagne, while the other blows a kiss to the camera. The caption read: ‘Emmys prep… in my other mask ?? Congratulations to the nominees and all of the amazing performances we’ve seen this year’. And it’s that ‘other mask’ we’re really interested in.

anti blemish face mask 5 pack

Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask – 5 pack, £85, 111Skin

It’s been revealed that the sheet mask is 111Skin’s Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask. A pack of five costs £85 from 111Skin’s website – that’s £17 per mask, so certainly not the cheapest of sheet masks out there, but if it helps us in achieving skin akin to Jen’s glowing complexion, we’re certainly willing to give it a go. Alternatively, you can buy one single mask for £20 or, failing that, opt to try the £5.99 moisturiser Jen has used she was since 15. 

anti blemish face mask single

Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask – single, £20, 111Skin

The reason for the cost though, is this is no ordinary face mask. The two-part, multi-formula sheet mask is designed to soothe ‘angry and inflamed breakouts’ and each section is treated with a different unique formula to target the different ‘zones’ of the face. The upper part treats diet, hair product and perspiration related spots, minimising sebum that supports bad bacteria, while the lower mask concentrates on calming severe inflammation and irritation caused by hormonal acne. Altogether, the whole mask combats blemishes and inflammation by ‘balancing the skin, allowing it to repair and clear up.’

We’ll go for some of that, thanks.