Jennifer Aniston has revealed her favourite scented candle

Jennifer Aniston only joined Instagram in 2019, but it’s fair to say the 52-year-old actress has been influencing us for decades. Fans have been quick to snap up any skincare and haircare products that the Friends star has even so much as mentioned, and now Jennifer Aniston has revealed her favourite candle too.

The actress has previously revealed the £9 shampoo she uses to maintain her super shiny hair. And who can forget about the hype around that famous face mask photo of her Emmy’s prep? Well, if her home smells as good as her skin and hair look, we’re definitely interested.

In a recent interview with People, Jennifer shared her favourite scent is Byredo’s Burning Rose Candle. She went on to say she lights it when she’s at home and in her trailer on sets.

Byredo candle

Burning Rose Candle 240g, £59, Byredo

‘Long after I’ve put the candle out, the scent lingers around and upon re-entering the room it has a lovely floral touch that is very pleasant,’ Jennifer said.

According to the Byredo website, the candle ‘has the scent of ardent desire. As the candle consumes, the flowery accents are slowly wrapped in leather and rooted in dark woods.’ Sounds enticing!

The candles certainly have an air of luxury about them – each artisan Byredo candle is homemade in France. The 240g Burning Rose candle will set you back £59 and has an approximate 60 hour burning time. The smaller 70g candle costs £31 and burns for around 24 hours.

The brand is renowned for its interesting scent combinations like rhubarb, lemon and violet leaves in the Fleur Fantôme candle. Or how does peach, plum and patchouli in Bibliothèque sound? Lucky for us, Byredo also do a set of three 70g candles so you can smell Jennifer’s favourite and two others.

Byredo candles

La Sélection Violette 3x 70g, £78, Byredo

These candles have a pretty hefty price tag, but they could make a great birthday or Christmas gift if that’s in your budget. You can buy the candles online at Selfridges, Harrods, Space NK or directly from the Byredo website.