One of these wrinkle-reducing Korean serums sells every 20 seconds

From sheet masks to snail slime, there’s no denying that K-beauty is having a moment – and if you haven’t tried any products from the school of Korean beauty yet, we’ve just found the perfect one to start you off.

It’s Skin Power 10 WR Serum might look sweet and simple from the outside, but the inside packs a powerful anti-ageing formula that’s so popular with skincare aficianados that one bottle reportedly sells every 20 seconds. In fact, on popular online store ASOS, it’s already completely sold out!

It's Skin Power 10 WR Serum

The secret to the serum’s success lies in its powerhouse trio of unusual ingredients, Caviar, Mistletoe and Adenosine, which work to reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity. The light, luxurious texture sinks into skin quickly to lock in moisture and give a hydrated, youthful glow.

If targeting wrinkles isn’t your primary aim, It’s Skin also makes versions of the Power 10 product with other properties, such as sebum control and boosting vitality.

It's Skin Power 10 WR Serum
Feel Unique

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The hype around the Power 10 range has (understandably) been huge, and the pearly pink bottles have become a major hit amongst make-up artists and influencers who praise its noticeably firm, luminous results and easy-to-apply consistency.

And while you may think that a product with such clout might have an equally heavy price tag, prepare to be pleasantly surprised – it retails on go-to online beauty store Feel Unique for a highly affordable £12 per 30ml. When you consider that some raved-about skincare products can cost upwards of triple figures, giving It’s Skin a try is certainly a more purse-friendly way to get your fix.

So, if you’re keen to test the prowess of It Skin’s Power 10 WR Serum for yourself, we’d suggest placing your order now – there’s likely to be another sell out on the horizon soon…