This Italian island will refund your hotel room if it rains during your holiday

There’s nothing worse than planning a sunny beach holiday, spending your hard-earned cash on a luxury (but well-deserved) hotel stay and eagerly counting down the days till your departure, then getting to your destination of choice only to be hit with a surprise weather forecast full of rain for the entirety of your trip.

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It truly is soul destroying when all you had envisioned was a week of beach/poolside relaxation while soaking up the sun. Luckily, one particular Italian island understands the utter frustration of this and has gone as far as offering a full accommodation refund for visitors, should their holiday be ruined by the rain.

The Italian island of Elba, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea’s Tuscan Archipelago National Park, has announced a new campaign called ‘Elba No Rain.’ As reported by CNN, the island’s official website describes the new programme, explaining that Elba prides itself in its no-rain climate so much that they are offering guests on the island a refund for their night’s stay in their hotel if it rains during their stay.

‘The overnight stay is free for days when there is rainfall for more than two hours between 10 am and 8pm,’ reads the website.

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However, there is a slight catch – the offer is only valid in the month of May, which means you only have two more weeks to make the most of it.

Speaking to CNN, the island’s tourism coordinator, Claudio Della Lucia, said: ‘The #ElbaNoRain initiative wants to be a concrete assurance to guests that, in the very rare case of a day with steady rain, they can still enjoy everything that the island has to offer without paying a euro for accommodation. It’s a pilot project for the month of May, but considering the numerous subscriptions, we’re considering to apply it also for the autumn.’

Perhaps neighbouring holiday destinations will follow suit? We’ve got our fingers crossed.