New research reveals the features in your home that people really notice

Having people over to your home can be quite stressful for some, especially if they’re first-time guests. Are they judging the layout, decor, furnishings? Are they comfortable? Have they noticed the bursting cupboard that’s full of all the random stuff that hasn’t been allocated a specific place to live yet?

Worry not, because new research has revealed what parts of your home people are really looking at, including the most eye-catching interiors trends. Comparison website used eye-tracking science technology to find out which items guests looked at first, when compared to other trends in the home.


The company did this by recording the ‘time to first fixation’, which basically means how long it took for people’s eyes to be drawn to the specific items and interiors trends. It’s interesting to note that in a kitchen, the floor was what people were drawn to first, followed by the cabinets. In the living room, it was the coffee table and in the bathroom, we’re most quickly drawn to the mirror. In a bedroom, it appears people’s eyes go to the bed throw first.

When it comes to trends, the research showed that, generally, we are quickly drawn to bouclé furniture – it takes around 1,000 milliseconds (or one second) to notice.

It’s not entirely surprising to see rattan furniture was also a big hit, considering the likes of Aldi, Lidl, B&M, Primark and Poundland all jumped on the trend and released rattan pieces in 2021.

So what other trending styles catch people’s eyes the fastest?…

The most eye-catching interiors trends

1. Bouclé furniture

Boucle chair

2. Rattan furniture

Aldi rattan furniture

3. Dark kitchen cabinets

4. Mid-century furniture

mid century furniture
Getty Images

5. Berber rugs

blue pattern rug
La Redoute

6. Painted arches

7. Herringbone flooring

herringbone flooring
Getty Images

8. Macrame

macrame interiors trends
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9. Black shower fixtures

black bathroom interiors trends
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10. Dried flowers

dried flowers interiors trends
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11. Statement taps

12. House plants

13. Floating shelves

14. Terrazzo tiles

15. Crittall doors

16. Drinks trolleys

17. Luxe lighting

18. Neutral wall colours

19. Panelled walls

20. Dark green walls

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