A new Instagram feature could change the way we all use the platform

Love it or loathe it, Instagram is a part of most people’s daily lives. From our morning scroll to posting our post-spin class smoothie on Stories, we all like to use the platform a little differently.

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The social media app has gone through many iterations since its conception, such as chronological feeds being ditched in favour of the ever-allusive algorithm. But one thing that’s never changed is that everyone’s grid posts have to be ordered chronologically, with newest pictures at the top pushing older posts down the page – until now.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi recently tweeted screenshots that appear to suggest that Instagram is testing out a new feature that allows users to rearrange their grid.

An Instagram ‘edit grid’ feature would allow users to rearrange their grid however they like and as often as they like. This could mean moving more professional-looking pictures to the top of your profile while job hunting, or curating a seasonal look at different times of the year, such as at Halloween or Christmas.

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For those of us who like to present a hyper-curated aesthetic to the world via Instagram, this will be welcome news. However, the ability to edit grids could create confusing situations – for example, an influencer could make it look like they’ve been on holiday non-stop all year and potentially make others feel bad with their inauthentic presentation of a ‘jet-setting’ lifestyle.

Instagram has yet to comment on the news, so for now the Instagram edit grid feature is just a rumour, but it doesn’t sound like the most far-fetched idea, so keep your eyes peeled.

Instagram recently introduced new safety and well-being features to the app, including a ‘Take a Break’ feature, which allows Instagrammers to better monitor their usage of the app if they feel they spend too long on it.