The Chic List: Looking for some bright ideas?

Fashion columnist and influencer Joanne Hegarty on how to wear bright colours.

This season is awash with eye-popping shades that will make minimalist dressers want to hide behind their neutral-toned sofas. If bold colour is your thing then this is undoubtedly the moment you’ve been waiting for – so go forth and dazzle like the bright star you are. But do keep in mind these little tricks which should stop you looking like an explosion in a paint factory…

Image: Victoria Metaxas

Mix neutrals with brights to balance a bold look. For example, if you are wearing a standout orange top, team it with white trousers and some gold jewellery. Add a wicker basket for some holiday romance. Or if a bright blue dress is your spring Holy Grail, add a mellow cream blazer or trench. Not just an excellent foundation to build on, for the colour shy, a neutral base is a clever way of toning things down. And don’t forget bright accessories – they are one of my favourite tricks for adding interest to a neutral outfit.

As you’ll have noticed by now, bright green is big for spring. To avoid looking like Kermit the Frog, try teaming this full-on shade with black. Or wear a single standalone piece of bright green such as a party dress. There are also other more muted greens to consider like khaki, which looks fabulous with white or cream.

Try wearing two tones of the same colour. This is a great way of wearing brights without having to worry about coordinating complicated hues. A light or bright blue jacket and navy trousers, for example. Alternatively, a yellow print dress and a beige jacket go together like cheese and wine.

Enjoy experimenting. I find the urge to play around with colours at its strongest when I travel – there is nothing like being in a different culture and climate to get the creative juices flowing. For example, being in Greece makes me want to wear blues and creams; the South of France, yellows and oranges. Holiday wafting is a pastime most fashionistas like to indulge in – and there’s nothing better than doing so in your favourite shades.

Of course, if you prefer things more muted and want to spend summer in earthy tones, don’t feel pressured by the ‘you must wear colour to be happy’ brigade or feel you have to wear head-turning hues to prove you’re living your best life. This is nonsense – there’s nothing more seductive than a summer black dress.

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