How to sell clothes online

Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash, or simply free up some space in that full-to-bursting wardrobe, selling your old clothes online is an easy way to do both. And with 11 million garments ending up in landfill each week, sharing preloved clothes is certainly the way forward environmentally too.

how to sell clothes online

From HEWI – (hardly ever worn it) to Vinted, second-hand clothes resale sites have never been so popular.

Shopping app Depop is the most popular social shopping app in the world, with millennials making over six-figure salaries by reselling their old clothes on it. Vide Dressing allows fashion lovers around the world to connect by not only selling and buying one another’s quality clothes, shoes and accessories but actually talking to one another about style and their favourite brands for inspiration. But with a plethora of outfits out there, how do you make yours stand out so you get the best price?

You spoke to Natacha Blanchard, consumer lead at Vinted, for tips on savvy selling when listing preloved clothes.

How to sell clothes online

Take lots of images

It’s important to help potential buyers have an accurate idea of the items they’re buying, and pictures are the best way to show this, so take photos from lots of different angles – even if you think it’s repetitive, the buyer will appreciate it! Portrait orientations tend to work best on apps.

how to sell clothes online

Take your photos in natural sunlight where possible and avoid shadows to provide a more accurate reflection of colours and materials. Also, don’t be afraid to make pictures of flaws. It is better to show defects such as a stain or missing button to avoid discussions and disappointed buyers.

Share the backstory of the item

Instead of using a generic ‘I don’t need it’ statement in the description, elevate your item and make it more memorable by simply sharing a story about it. It’s a great way for the buyer to feel even more excited about discovering it and importantly, kickstarts a connection with the new potential buyer and your item! For example, was it the jacket you wore on the first day to your new job? Or was it the backpack that survived your around-the-world travels? This will add even more value to the item as people love hearing these stories.

Price accordingly

If you need help pricing your item, a great place to start is to search for similar items and see the average selling price. You can then position yourself competitively depending on factors such as the brand and item condition.

how to sell clothes online

Fill in all the relevant categories and descriptions

A successful formula for a good product description includes: the category (women, men, kids etc), the type (dress, shoes, top etc), colour, brand and condition. Buyers will often search for items using filters, so if you want your item to show up, make sure you add these details at a minimum.

Use hashtags

On certain platforms, buyers will use hashtags to look for items, so include key hashtags in your item description. Use key words such as #dress or #handbag, and if your item fits into a particular trend, include a hashtag for that too, for example #Y2K

Offer postage options

Some platforms offer integrated shipping options where buyers can choose from a selection before paying, allowing you (the seller) to easily print out the relevant postage label before posting. Do offer as many options as you can to allow for greater flexibility for the buyer. Some platforms can even work out the postage cost for you if you can provide package dimensions and weight.

Upload regularly

Upload new items regularly as some platforms allow your followers receive a notification each time you list a new item. This ensures you return to the top of their feed!