How to save money on your water bills

We’re all feeling the impact of the cost of living crisis right now, which means any way to shave money of our energy bills is most welcome.

While money-saving expert Martin Lewis has shared some smart shopping hacks to save you money, and there are plenty of suggestions for cutting down your electricity bills, reducing your water usage is another good way to decrease costs.

Water bills are one of, if not the, highest costs in household bills which is why it’s essential to take caution when doing day-to-day tasks that you may not even notice are having a significant impact on the bill.

Below, the experts at Boiler Central have shared their top tips for saving money on your water bills. Splish, splash, save!

How to save money on your water bills

  • Swap baths for showers – opting to reduce the number of baths a household has and swapping for a shower can greatly impact the water usage a household might utilise. A shorter shower uses a third of the water it would use to fill a bath, so even if cutting out baths, in general, is a no-go, try to limit it to just once or twice a week.

  • Stop unneeded running taps – leaving the taps to run while doing short tasks, like brushing your teeth or shaving, can make a big impact on water usage when you consider they are everyday tasks. Turning off the tap while doing these routines will reduce the amount of wasted water.
  • Small wash cycles – by doing large loads of laundry instead of completing numerous half-cycle washes per week, you will save enormous amounts of wasted water and energy. Not only is washing larger cycles more efficient but washing at a reduced temperature will also help reduce energy bills.

  • Using a dishwasher instead of washing up in the sink – while washing and rinsing small items in the sink may feel like you’re reducing amounts of water, it instead causes litres of water to be wasted, which is why it’s more efficient to pop any dirty dishes into the dishwasher, wait until it’s fully loaded and allow a full cycle wash. Be careful not to overuse the machine by half-filling it as this is also ineffective.
  • Look at getting a water meter – This may not suit every household, which is why it’s important to look into as it could save you money. Money-saving expert and bill-reducing icon Martin Lewis suggests looking into it if you have ‘more bedrooms in your home than people or the same number.’

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