Larder lust: How to organise your food storage space

Jars and labels at the ready… Here’s how to get your food storage space looking as organised as this. Satisfaction – and order – guaranteed.

Every inch of space has been utilised; food is stored in jars and categorised. It looks good and makes it easily accessible. For similar baskets go to; for containers try

For a clutter-free kitchen

  • Try ‘zoning’ your food items in groups such as baking, breakfast, canned goods and sweet treats. 
  • If space is limited, get rid of protruding cupboard doors and install shelving instead. Keep everyday objects to hand on the lower shelves – apart from the biscuit tin, perhaps! – and, if you have young children, keep breakables and electrical items out of reach. 
  • Keep the pantry area clutter-free by installing hooks for hanging kitchen essentials such as aprons and oven mitts. 
  • If you have the luxury of space, what about creating a walk-in pantry connected to the kitchen? You can separate the area with glass and metal Crittall doors, which will add an industrial vibe without sacrificing vital light.
Janis Nicolay/@pineconecamp

Here the pantry space is part of the kitchen. Open shelves act as a storage unit as well as a display area. The neutral palette and pared-back look bring a sense of calm and order to the area. For woven baskets try; go to for a similar shelving unit.

Curate it like Khloe


The Insta-worthy pantry of Khloé Kardashian takes getting your food cupboard in order to the next level. To ensure her shelves look not just organised but slick, too, she enlisted the help of Home Edit gurus Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. Clear storage containers boasting large, easy-to-read labels mean Khloé never needs to panic about getting her granola mixed up with her gorilla munch. For similar cereal containers try

Ready for my shelfie

Busy Phillips

The pantry of actress and TV host Busy Philipps may be rainbow bright, but don’t be fooled by its stylishness and sense of fun – it takes meticulous organisation very seriously. The top shelf doubles up as a library for Busy’s cookbooks, which – of course – are arranged by colour. On the other shelves items are grouped by type and some are organised on wooden turntables to make everything instantly accessible.

And for more storage inspo

Marie Kondo: @mariekondo

The star of Netflix’s Tidying up With Marie Kondo demonstrates how soothing – and life-changing – decluttering can be. 

The Home Edit: @thehomeedit 

Their ability to turn organisation into a thing of beauty has made The Home Edit’s Clea and Joanna the A-list’s go-to for storage solutions for everything from larders to sheds (see Khloé Kardashian’s pantry).

Simply Spaced: @simplyspaced 

‘Clear the clutter and live your best life,’ says Monica Leed, author of A Modern Decluttering Guide for Simplicity & Style at Home. Her Instagram account offers advice on the art of tidying up.

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Report by Charlotte Page