This chef just shared his secret to making plane food taste good

Unless you always travel in the lap of luxury, you’ve probably been presented with a tray of disappointing plane food in the past.

Although we all understand the limitations airlines face when feeding a flight full of hungry passengers thousands of feet in the air, we have always wondered what can be done to improve the bland sauces, dry bread and soggy vegetables we’ve often encountered on our plastic plates.

Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton, founder of restaurant group The Social Company, understands our pain – which is why he’s shared his top tip for adding some flavour into your meal mid-flight. And it’s something he learned from none other than celeb pal Jude Law…

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‘It was Law who told me to always take Tabasco on a plane,’ Jason, who says he logs around 500,000 miles a year in the sky, said to Indian business publication Mint.

‘Airplane food is always bland, so it’s great to give it kick. But I just try my hardest not to eat on planes (at all). I can normally do it up to about 12 hours.’

‘If I go to Australia, I have to eat, obviously, because it’s 24 hours on a plane for me. I just eat the protein, drowned in Tabasco, which tastes okay — well, it tastes of Tabasco, to be honest. Or I will take stuff with me.’

His go-to homemade meal? ‘A cold protein salad made from cooked salmon, brushed with a little bit of teriyaki sauce and fresh chili over the top, and some blanched vegetables’ – which apparently, still tastes good six or seven hours later.

The addition of Tabasco to a standard dish is admittedly a simple idea – but if it makes your in-flight dining experience any more enjoyable, it’s one that’s certainly worth a try. You can even get miniature bottles of Tabasco for as little as 49p – and if that’s not a worthy use of your liquid allowance, we don’t know what is…