How to make money from blogging: The insider’s guide

Does blogging really produce the big bucks? We asked Lucy Lendrem, Head of Talent UK at digital talent agency Gleam Futures.

how to make money from blogging
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How do affiliate schemes work?

‘Affiliate schemes mean that a blog’s audience can click on a link to a product and purchase it. Should someone click on the link and buy a product from the brand’s website, the blogger will receive a small commission. There are a number of different schemes available, and in most cases bloggers will need to apply to be signed up.’

What is a media kit and do I need one?

‘Media kits are a great way to share insights about the content a blogger creates, their style, their audience demographic, the size of their audience and the average level of engagement they get. They can also highlight key successes that they feel will be relevant to showcase their influence. This way, brands can make an informed decision about whether the blogger is the right fit for a campaign collaboration.’

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How many followers do I need in order for brands to be interested in working with me?

‘There isn’t a base level of followers which generates brand interest – a blogger may have a relatively small following (in the region of 5,000), but their audience are highly engaged within a certain field. For example, there are many parent bloggers with small followings but their audience are of a specific demographic who engage regularly in their content, making them an ideal fit for many products needed by parents.’

How much money should I ask for?

‘Fees for branded content vary according to each talent. They are calculated not just on following, but on the talent’s profile, their credibility within the field of work, the quality of their content and their demand.’

Should I get a manager?

‘Management is something that should be considered by bloggers who are starting to build a career from their social media and want to develop in a strategic way. There might be commercial opportunities such as brand partnerships, product licensing and publishing, expanding what they do into more traditional forms of media and entertainment, or building their profile. At Gleam, we look for digital-first talent who are setting themselves apart from the crowd with strong content and an engaged audience.’

Feature by Miranda Thompson