How to make fresh pasta from store cupboard ingredients

With basic food supplies and daily essentials disappearing off the supermarket shelves quickly these days, it’s time to get savvy with what you’ve already got in the cupboard. Staples such as bread, rice and pasta are becoming harder to get hold of as people stockpile long-life items in preparation for self-isolation should they catch coronavirus. But luckily, it turns out it’s easier to make some of these store cupboard essentials at home than you might first think.

how to make pasta
how to make fresh pasta

If you’re struggling to get hold of pasta, for example, Jamie Oliver has a genius way for making tagliatelle from just two ingredients. His simple but clever method was aired on TV last night during the first episode of the chef’s new Channel 4 show, Keep Cooking and Carry On. The show was a hit with many viewers up and down the country as it was packed full of super easy hacks and tips for making the most of store cupboard ingredients to create healthy, delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family – perfect for while many of us are staying at home.

His homemade pasta hack is one of the easiest we’ve seen and we can’t wait to try it. To make his pasta, Jamie simply mixes together plain flour and water to create the dough, before rolling it out thinly, folding it up and slicing it into thin ribbons – then it’s into boiling water to cook it. The 44-year-old TV chef also showed viewers a super quick and simple pasta sauce made from tinned tomatoes and garlic. The full recipes is on Jamie Oliver’s website now.

Jamie Oliver pasta
Jamie Oliver

One impressed viewer wrote on Twitter: ‘I’m a pretty confident and resourceful cook but I think your Keep Cooking and Carry On program is so helpful for many people. Well done Jamie.’

Elsewhere, savvy home cooks are coming up with their own homemade pasta recipes, after failing to find readymade varieties on the shelves. One mum posted her recipe to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group where it received nearly 6,000 likes. In her post, the home cook said: ‘If you are struggling for pasta but have in eggs, flour and salt you can always make homemade pasta!’ She continued: ‘2 cups of PLAIN flour, 3 large eggs and 1/2 teaspoon of salt will make three small bowls or two large bowls of fresh pasta!’ She too didn’t need use of a fancy pasta maker, instead using a rolling pin to flatten.

boiling pasta
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Lastly, if you’re in possession of a bread maker, you’re in luck as many models can also make fresh pasta! Just use it to mix the dough and then it’s up to you to roll it out and cut into whatever shapes you fancy – tagliatelle and lasagne sheets are both very easy and achievable for beginners! Buon appetito!