4 tips to get the Scandi look at home, from @hygge_for_home’s Reena Simon

Whereas once Parisian style was held up as the absolute pinnacle of good taste, nowadays it’s the cooler, edgier Scandi style that many of us aspire to. This isn’t just true of our wardrobes, but also our homes – understated but cosy, timeless but achingly cool, the Scandinavian interiors aesthetic has spawned many an Instagram account.

One of the most popular is Reena Simon’s. She’s the woman behind @hygge_for_home, and has also written a book Scandi Rustic, detailing how to get the look. Recently, she teamed up with John Lewis to curate The Scandi Edit, and luckily for us, she’s provided some tips on how to recreate the look at home.

how to get the scandi look at home

Top tips on how to get the Scandi look at home

Embrace Nature 

There is a strong relationship between Scandinavian interiors and nature. The Scandinavians spend as much time as possible outdoors embracing all of the seasons.

Letting natural light flood into your home through every window is the first element to have in place.

Then move onto the décor, where natural materials are favoured, such as pale wood, plants and objects inspired by nature. Decorating your home with nature will breathe life into any room and can enrich your well-being.

Use texture

Cosiness and comfort are defining principles for any Scandi inspired interior. Opt for durable sustainable soft furnishings which can offer warmth and enhance your mood. I am particularly drawn to linen, wool and natural materials like wood and stone.


Stick to neutral tones

Much like Scandinavia, winters can be dark and long here in the UK. To counteract this, choose warm neutral colours with hues of grey, beige and whites that are uplifting and can offer lightness and brightness all year round.

Think sustainable

Longevity and sustainability go hand in hand and define the Scandi ethos and reflect why so many of us feel so drawn to it. I think that nowadays, we are seeking to define our homes not just in a moment in time but to create homes that can stand the test of time.

Making design-led choices for items in our homes which consider quality craftsmanship and materials are appealing and the idea that one day we could hand them down to our children or future generations.

The piece I was most captivated by in the Spring/Summer 22 collection and could imagine lasting a lifetime was the Packington Side Table (pictured above, £199) made from ash and sustainably-sourced from British woodlands. Pale wood is favoured in Scandinavian interiors and this piece of furniture is particularly interesting with its dark streaks known as olive ash. It brings out the grain in the wood making each table truly unique. Natural materials will never go out of style and have coexisted with humanity.

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