Play to the gallery: How to create a feature wall

Bare walls begone! Here’s how to bring your home to life by showcasing favourite prints, photos, even postcards. Mix, mismatch and let your imagination run wild.

Image: Camera Press/Bauer Media/Nick Scott.

The Malibu branch of Soho House ( boasts an impressive gallery wall that makes the most of a narrow space. For a similar selection of floating shelves, try

How to create a feature wall

1. Larger pieces of art should be hung with the centre point at eye level. This is usually about 1.5 metres from the floor.

2. Choose your favourite artwork and hang it in the middle of your display to anchor your arrangement. Then work outwards.

3. Leave a 5cm-10cm gap between each piece to give it breathing space.

4. When hanging artwork of varying sizes in a row, align them at the horizontal centre points. Don’t line them up by the top or bottom.

5. Mix and match different styles. Combine modern prints with vintage photo frames and hang classic pictures above contemporary furniture for a truly curated look.

6. Hang art where you can enjoy it most. Hallways, staircases or above a sofa are all good focal points.

Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones

Sticking smaller images such as postcards and photographs to the wall and leaning prints, as opposed to hanging them, allows you to update your gallery wall whenever you choose – and it’s a great choice for renters!

Get personal

Inject personality with a pick ’n’ mix of your favourite prints and bursts of colour.

Image: Maree Homer

In the fun-filled home of interior stylist Jason Grant, personality reigns supreme. For a cohesive look, Jason uses wooden frames as a common link. Arranging artwork in this relaxed sequence allows pieces to be easily added and removed over time.

Image: Paul Raeside/ TI Media

Multicoloured frames showcasing illustrations jazz up a neutral wall. The grid formation creates an organised look. For similar neon frames, try The floor tiles are from London Mosaic (

Art a La Carte

Part galleries, part restaurants, these London eateries take their feature walls very seriously.

In the Tidal Room of the Ivy’s latest branch in Brighton, the walls are decorated with vintage prints and locally sourced artwork inspired by the heritage of the Royal Pavilion. 51A Ship Street;

Image: Ed Reeve

Sketch’s renowned gallery room has been given a graphic update by artist David Shrigley, who has replaced the original monochrome drawings with colourful new works of satire. 9 Conduit Street, London W1;

The stylish Shoreditch branch of US restaurant and bar Dirty Bones boasts a mix of contemporary art pieces set against a distressed wall.1 Club Row, London E1;

Make a statement space

Glam up overlooked areas – such as an office or bedroom – with a fusion of monochrome prints or mismatched artwork.

Image: Alex James

In the home office of interior designer Tiffany Duggan (, artwork is arranged above a desk to create a feeling of fun and creativity in this otherwise ordered space. The prints are placed in no particular order with contrasting coloured frames for visual impact. The desk is by

Styling: Pella Hedby

A gallery wall above the bed will give focus to the bedroom. Use differently shaped frames, posters and postcards – but in a uniform colour palette to bring a sense of cohesion to a relaxed space. For a similar bed, try

Report by Nicole Gray