This is exactly how much of each skincare product you should be applying

Skincare – it can be a minefield at the best of times. Hard to pronounce ingredients, products that promise the earth and new ‘superfood’ ingredients come out everyday that we apparently absolutely must now include in our beauty routines. Let’s face it, if we believed every bit of information out there, we’d have a 100-step skincare routine by now.

Unless you’re a beauty guru (in which case, we bow down to you), we’re never 100 per cent sure we’re doing all the right things for our skin. And one thing in particular that often has us stumped is how much product do we really need to use?

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Too little and it won’t be worth putting on at all, too much and we could be wasting our precious products. All too often, how much we use depends far too much on a) how much it costs and b) how much of it is left.

Which is why we were overjoyed to stumble across this super handy image posted to Instagram by vegan Australian skincare brand Mukti Organics. It’s quickly gone viral, and for good reason, because it gives an immediate at-a-glance guide to how much of each product, from cleanser to serum, we should be using on our faces – and some of them are rather surprising.

Obviously this is just a guide and quantities will vary depending on what type of product you are using (a cream cleanser acts differently to a foaming cleanser, for example, and retinol products should always be used in moderation), but it does give a great starting point for adjusting how big or small a dollop you really need to be applying.

We were surprised at how small an amount of cleanser Mukti suggests and we’ve definitely been known to slather a lot more face mask on than the picture indicates you really need.

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Eye cream naturally only needs a very small amount as it’s being applied to a limited area of the face, while serums and elixirs need just a little more to cover the whole face. We were happy to see a healthy dollop of moisturiser (no skimping on hydration!) and interestingly, the image shows that if using a moisturiser with added SPF, you should be going even heavier handed with how much you apply.

This is one for printing out and taping to the bathroom mirror, stat.