This amount of time on holiday will leave you the happiest, according to science

If we could have it our way, we’d be on holiday all year around. Lazing on the beach, scorching sunshine, cocktail in hand and food on tap – it’s hard to think of anything better, even during Britain’s current heatwave.

Nothing beats the feeling of excitement as you step off the plane in a foreign country, knowing you’ve swapped the mundane reality of the daily grind for some well deserved carefree time away. But what exactly is the perfect, most satisfying amount of time to be holiday?

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A study by Finland’s University of Tampere has revealed just that. According to their team of researchers, it can be difficult for us to switch off work mode and leave our day to day stresses behind, but science suggest that a holiday of seven to eleven days is the ultimate amount needed to really unwind and enjoy your break.

‘Employees are often unable to recover sufficiently during short respites from work due to increasingly permeable boundaries between work and home domains, long working hours, working overtime and prolonged physiological activation as a result of pre-occupation with work,’ explain the authors of the study.

‘Therefore, a longer period away from work may be needed to fully recover from work. Vacations represent the longest period of temporary absence from work and may, therefore, constitute a more powerful respite opportunity than shorter rest intervals.’

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The researchers also highlight that there is a particular point during your holiday where you reach a peak point in your happiness and relaxation. This is said to be on the eighth day, as you have finally become comfortable with abandoning the woes of work and reality, while still having enough time off to look forward to. ‘Our results showed that health and wellness rapidly increase after the start of the holiday and seemed to peak on the eighth vacation day,’ they say.

Right, that’s it. We’re off to book an 11-day holiday, and we highly recommend that you do the same.