A hospice nurse shares the most common deathbed regrets

A hospice nurse has revealed the top four biggest regrets she hears from patients.

Julie McFadden shares information surrounding death and her experiences of the job on TikTok, and recently posted the video, which has piqued the interest of many people.

hospice nurse and patient holding hands
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True to the old saying, most of the deathbed regrets she hears are to do with what people feel like they didn’t do, rather than what they did do.

‘Most people at the end of their life have regrets about not appreciating their health, not appreciating being alive, working their life away and not spending time with their family,’ says Julie, who is from California, USA.


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She continued: ‘That tells me to be in the moment, live presently, be grateful, and don’t take your health and the little things about living life for granted,’ adding, ‘don’t work your life away if you don’t have to, or make it so you don’t have to,’ and ‘spend time with those you love, not necessarily family, but those you love and who make you feel loved.’

The video about deathbed regrets has received over 61,000 views on TikTok, where Julie has accumulated over 800,000 followers. Having started working in a hospice five years ago and with 10 years experience as an ICU nurse, Julie decided to join TikTok with the aim of challenging the taboos around death, busting myths and preconceptions and educating people about what happens in the final stages of life.

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‘I knew I wanted to get information out in general. I felt like it was a very taboo topic that shouldn’t be so taboo,’ Julie previously told USA Today. ‘To be able to provide somebody with answers and comfort and care and to help that process be easier, it feels like a gift.’

Some of her other videos have titles including ‘What does death look like’, ‘Death and makeup’ and ‘Can they hear us’.