Holly Willoughby opens up about giving birth to her three children

It’s fair to say that every mother experiences labour differently, and while some will be regaling others with their birth horror stories for years to come, others find it a magical, powerful experience with happy memories attached.

Holly Willoughby, it seems, is definitely in the latter camp, as she recently spoke candidly about how much she enjoyed giving birth to all three of her children.

holly willoughby

Speaking to a soon-to-be mum who had called in to This Morning, Holly had nothing but positive thoughts to share on labour.

‘Can I just say, really enjoy it’ she said. ‘I know when it’s your first you’re always quite nervous about what it’s going to be like and if it’s all going to be okay. But, I loved all three of my labours, and they were all completely different and some of them weren’t straightforward, but I really enjoyed it

‘It’s a very magical, special thing you’re about to go through and I’m really jealous of anybody that’s about to go into labour because it’s the best thing, it’s the best experience ever,’ Holly added.

Holly is mum to three children – Harry, 12, Belle, ten, and Chester, seven. In a recent interview with You, Holly said that she has also toyed with having a fourth in the past. ‘There’s part of me that would love to have another baby but it isn’t fair to take myself away from the kids I do have, especially when I work as hard as I do and I have my own passions I want to nourish’ she said.

Speaking further on motherhood, Holly also discussed finding her identity again once her kids were no longer tiny. ‘The machine spits you out the other side; you’re suddenly going, “Oh my God! They can wipe their own bums. Well, now what’s my role?” You have to start finding your own identity again. Obviously, you don’t suddenly stop being a parent but you do have a bit more space.’

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