9 H&M Giambattista Valli buys that are still in stock (for now)

The day is finally here: H&M’s coveted collaboration with Giambattista Valli has dropped online and in stores, and what a range it has turned out to be.

Described as the high-street store’s ‘most couture collection ever’, the atelier said even he was amazed at the quality and intricacy of the pieces.

‘I’m used to intense and exacting atelier work, and I have very high standards when it comes to the quality of my creations, which I always personally check; but I have to admit I was the first to be surprised when we received samples for the fittings,’ Valli, who has previously designed for names include Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, Balmain and Moschino, explained.


‘H&M was able to get the same effect. They did everything wonderfully, even my signature multi-tier tulle gown.’

However, as you might have predicted, demand for these signature styles has proved to be incredibly high, and designs like the iconic tulle dress (as seen on Kendall Jenner) have already sold out within hours. But all is not lost – move quickly and you can still order a slice of fashion history.

H&M Giambattista Valli

From romantic ruffled blouses to embellished cardigans to cultured freshwater pearl earrings with details moulded from Valli’s own lips, many of the lines are still available on the H&M website, with prices starting from £12.99 for jacquard-knit knee-high socks.

We’ve edited it down to nine of the most beautiful, but crucially also wearable buys that the style set haven’t completely cleared in all sizes as of yet.

But take a leisurely browse at your own risk, lest the dreaded out of stock symbol appears next to these listings too.

9 H&M Giambattista Valli buys that are still in stock

Airy Flounced Blouse, £69.99, H&M

Suede Sandals, £199, H&M

Cardigan With Sparkly Stones, £79.99, H&M

Sparkly Earrings With A Pearl, £39.99, H&M

Faux Fur Jacket, £119.99, H&M

Long Lace Dress, £229.99, H&M

Leather Mini Bag, £59.99, H&M

Silk Chiffon Blouse, £79.99, H&M

Large Cashmere-Blend Scarf, £59.99, H&M