You can get perfect curly hair using a hairdryer and a water bottle

Imagine a world where you don’t have to spend hours winding your hair around tongs to achieve a head of gorgeous curls or waves. Pretty exciting, right? Well, according to celebrity hair and make-up artist Olivia Smalley, it might also be a reality.

Taking to her popular Instagram account, where she has more than 154,000 followers, Olivia shared a hack she’d found where she managed to curl her locks with nothing more than a hairdryer and a water bottle. Consider our minds officially blown.

Olivia posted a video of herself trying the trick – and her own amazed reaction – to her Instagram account, leaving thousands of viewers absolutely staggered, and completely impressed.

hairdryer and a water bottle hair trick
Getty Images

The DIY tutorial is composed of just two elements – a hairdryer, and a standard plastic bottle with the top and side cut open. Olivia simply threads a chunk of hair through the top of the bottle, turns the hairdryer on and pushes it through the hole in the side to generate a cyclone effect. The result? A tight, bouncy spiral of hair in a matter of seconds.

‘This is blowing my mind!’ one follower exclaimed, while another posted: ‘This is amazing I’m definitely using this for the wedding I’m attending this weekend.’

‘I have never been happier for anything to show up in my explore page, this will be a lifesaver for my chronic back and shoulder pain,’ a third posted.

Others pointed out that the technology is a much simpler version of that employed the new Dyson Airwrap, with one writing to a friend: ‘haha yeah I saw this. It’s kinda copying what the new Dyson styling tool does. But much much cheaper than the Dyson.’

The Dyson Airwrap was six years in the making, and the team behind it spent £24million researching styling habits to ensure that their product stood out from others on the market – so the direct comparison may be ever so slightly unfair.

However, although it’s a much simpler set-up, it does seem that the bottle and hairdryer combo can achieve some pretty impressive results of its own. So, will you be giving it a go?