These hair growth vitamins have hundreds of five star reviews on Amazon

Most of us find that our hair begins to thin with age – and getting it to thicken up again is no easy task. However, hundreds of shoppers on Amazon are claiming that they’ve found a solution that works, and all it takes is swallowing a couple of capsules.

Almost 500 people have given HairAnew’s Focused Hair Formula For Women five star reviews, with people of all ages saying it’s given their hair the boost they’d hoped for, thickening strands, reducing hair fall and strengthening their nails to boot.

‘This is the best hair supplement I have tried. It not only helps my hair growth but also makes my nails incredibly strong. These supplements also improve my memory and alertness. Great results and no nasty side effects!’ wrote one happy purchaser.

HairAnew: Focused Hair Formula For Women, £22.71, Amazon

‘I have been using this product for a little over 2 months, the results are amazing,’ another convert agreed. ‘I’m in my mid 40’s and started noticing thining hair, so I added this to my vitamins, within 3 weeks I noticed a difference. It really works, I will continue to take these supplements.’

The capsules, which cost £22.71 for 60 (a full month’s supply), contain a blend of biotin, vitamins and minerals that are said to be crucial for healthy hair growth. For best results, HairAnew recommend that you take your dose with a meal.

The vitamins aren’t the only hair thickening formula to cause a stir in recent months – Pura D’or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo has also won thousands of rave reviews from both men and women looking to lengthen and strengthen their locks.

‘It really worked for my hair loss. I LOVE the product and will continue using it,’ exclaimed one impressed customer. ‘My hair was actively shedding everyday and it has dramatically decreased since I have used this product!’