Five big hair trends for 2022, according to a celebrity hairdresser

If there’s one person who knows about hair trends, it’s Lisa Laudat. The hair stylist has tamed the manes of a whole host of celebrities, from Rita Ora to Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez to Nicole Scherzinger, so understands exactly what makes a show-stopping, covetable hair look.

With plenty of weddings, sporting events and parties coming up, we asked Lisa to share the top hair trends to try out in the coming months. Here’s your checklist for the hairstyles to try this season.

Top hair trends for 2022

The bouncy blowout 

The bouncy blowout is back and we have J.Lo to thank from her voluminous wedding hair. This look would suit anyone with mid length to longer hair and the secret to the perfect blowout is making sure the hair is damp, not wet, before you start. I suggest that you towel dry or let your hair dry for a bit before blow drying it as this will get the hold and a good finish at the end of the blowdry that lasts.

Soft waves

hair trends 2022

This year softer waves have been a really popular summer look, with celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Hailey Bieber often opting for looser waves. This can work on lots of hair types as it’s a very flattering style on most shapes and is very versatile, perfect for an everyday natural look or a glam night out. It’s a great way of updating your look as you can do a soft wave to frame the face at the front using tongs, and allow the back to be straight which creates a modern and fresh look.

The snatched pony

Snatched ponytails have become one of those go-to styles this year because they provide a look of effortless glam that’s fast and simple to achieve – Camila Cabello has worked this look everywhere from the red carpet to the streets of London. It’s also an easy style if your hair is dirty and you haven’t got much time to spare styling but still want it to look great.

hair trends 2022

A snatched pony can elevate your face by giving you a slight face lift, but you can also pull out some pieces around the face and add a soft curl if you prefer to have a bit of hair around the front of your face.

Elevated extensions

When you have a special occasion or want to be feel catwalk-worthy with extra length, clip-in extensions are an easy way to elevate your look yourself by changing your looks without the commitment of permanent extensions. They also give more hold and can add extra colour one or two tones away from natural hair.

They’re really popular this year thanks to the Kardashians who have shown how easy it is to change your look so easily.

hair trends 2022

Sleek straight hair like Kim’s is such a fab look right now and can be achieved with the Remy Human Clip-in Hair Extensions from Razzl Dazzl Hair which are easy to use, are available in great colours, are super shiny and so glossy.

The natural look

Right now one of the most popular styles is just embracing your natural hair and loving the way you look with your own hair. Zendaya often takes this empowering stance, and hair individuality was embraced at Valentino’s recent catwalk show.

hair trends 2022

Healthy hair never goes out of fashion and silk pillowcases are a great tool for keeping your hair healthy and fresh, especially for not ruining your style overnight, no bed head any more!