Jennifer Aniston’s make-up artist just launched her beauty line in the UK

We’ve become used to some of the most-sought after beauty lines making their way over to the UK from America, but there are always some we still pine for that haven’t arrived on our shores just yet. Make-up Artist Gucci Westman’s Westman Atelier was certainly one of those, launching not long ago in the U.S. and yet unavailable in the UK – until now.

Westman Atelier is finally coming to the UK, launching exclusively on Net-A-Porter on 14th May. The line, which is known for its ‘clean’ take on beauty (all products use plant based actives), features a curated line of six products: the Vital Foundation Stick, Lit Up Highlight Stick, Baby Cheeks Blush Stick, Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer, Face Trace Contour Stick, and the Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter.

Previously, Westman Atelier was only available in U.S. stores such as Barney’s and Violet Grey, along with a number of independent boutiques.

The range was created by makeup artist Gucci Westman, who boasts a whole host of famous clientele, including Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston.

Westman’s most recognised aesthetic is pared-back, and one that focuses on skin first:

‘As a make-up artist, the skin is really at the beginning and end of everything I do,’ the makeup artist explains. ‘There are so many things I expect from my products. I want them to be quick and easy to use, and also feel weightless and comfortable.’

Although she is dedicated to clean beauty, her makeup products are designed using a small amount of synthetic ingredients in order to provide the most successful results, something Westman is also passionate about:

‘Our makeup is absolutely as natural as it can be at this minute. But 100 per cent natural is ultimately not the path that I chose because I also believe in creating things that work —and sometimes, a synthetic ingredient is the more responsible choice when it comes to performance. It’s all about making your decisions, standing by them and feeling good about them.’

Westman Atelier will be available on Net-A-Porter from 14th May, 2019.