Fun Christmas games for adults, kids and families

It’s Christmas time, which means putting work and other stressors to one side and really embracing some festive fun. And what better way then with some Christmas family games?

While 2021 has been a tough year, we should be able to be around loved ones once more this Christmas, meaning there are more opportunities to spend quality time together — and even to play a game or two.

family christmas game

While there are so many board games and Christmas quiz options, you can’t beat a fun, original game that will keep you occupied for hours, to bring all the laughter and joy into your home. And there are brilliant options for all age groups, whether you are spending your Christmas with fellow adults, have kids, or will be with family of all ages.

We’ve selected the very best options for each group, including fun drinking games for adults, along with treasure hunts for children, and family activities for everybody to get involved in.

Happy gaming!


Christmas movie drinking game

This one is pretty simple. Create a sheet for each person playing, filled with things you often see in a Christmas movie. This could be somebody drinking Eggnog, for example, or a festive tune being played in the background. Whenever each thing happens on screen, whoever spots it first must mark it off on their sheet, and take a sip/shot of something festive!

Christmas movie emoji game

This is another great option for movie lovers, especially around this time of year. The person organising the game should create a list of movies using only emoji descriptions; the more complicated, the better! Phone addicts will have a clear advantage in guessing the answers with this one.

Festive beer pong

A U.S. import we will forever treasure, beer pong can be made festive very easily. For example, you could use little baubles instead of ping pong balls, or simply decorate the table and surrounding area in red and green. You may even want to swap out the usual beer for something a little more December-appropriate.

beer pong festive game

Never have I ever

You just can’t go wrong with a good game of Never Have I Ever, and sitting around the fire at Christmas with a group of friends is the ideal time to give this a go. Make it festive by asking each person to only refer to things related to Christmas, and bring in all the seasonal tipple.


Festive treasure hunt

Children love a treasure hunt, and a good one can keep them occupied for hours. It does take a little bit of preparation, but online tips can help make the process easy and pain-free! Make it extra festive by hiding Christmassy chocolates, cookies, and other sweet treats, and make the clues seasonal.

The tray game

An unbeatable classic that’s so simple, but so effective in keeping kids entertained whilst also challenging their minds. Simply fill a tray with (festive) items, ask your child to memorise said items, and remove them one by one as the child looks away before guessing which has been taken.

Cookie decorating competition

If you have children who love to get creative in the kitchen, why not let them battle it out in a cookie decorating competition?! Invest in all the icing, sprinkles, and decorations your kids could dream of for the ultimate experience.

cookie decorating christmas game

Santa says 

Like a Christmassy version of ‘Simon Says,’ this game is so simple yet extra fun and keeps kids active. Try to make the commands more and more seasonal to get them in the spirit.



Charades is a fail-safe for any family in need of some entertainment. It works for all ages, and can be adapted to suit everybody with ease. Choose Christmas films, songs, and characters for the most fun this time of year. And if you have a big family, split into two or more teams to make things competitive!

christmas game

Christmas bingo

Bingo is another go-to game that will work for all age groups and capabilities. To make it a little more festive, you could always mark the charts with Christmas characters or items rather than numbers. The winner gets a festive treat, too.

Gingerbread house competition

If the whole family is into baking, a Gingerbread house competition can be the ultimate activity for December. It may take some time and a little dedication, but splitting into two teams to decorate works best. And the best bit? You’ll have days worth of sweet treats to enjoy afterwards.

christmas game families

Which celebrity am I?

Often referred to as ‘Headbands,’ this game can be easily played with just a few post-its if nothing else is available. Each child and adult gets a character or person popped on their forehead, and then has to ask a series of ‘yes/no’ questions to get closer to guessing who they are. Make it Christmassy by choosing movie characters most associated with the season.

christmas family game