Hush’s bestselling fluffy slippers have been restocked for a fifth time

Along with loungewear taking the place of office-wear, cosy slippers have officially replaced ‘real’ shoes in the past year, and if we’re honest, we couldn’t be more pleased about it. Allowing our feet to stay toasty warm and super comfortable all day long, we’re not sure how we’re ever going to go back to the usual 9-5 footwear. 


Arundel Shearling Slippers in Grey, £55, Hush

The number of covetable slippers on the high street has skyrocketed to meet this demand, and some styles became so popular in 2020, they even sold out. Take, for example the Arundel Shearling Slippers by Hush, which have sold out four times now. 

Luckily for us, the Arundel Slippers are now back in stock, but be warned: from the stock levels online, it looks as though they may not be around for long. 


Arundel Shearling Slippers in Leopard, £55, Hush

The ultra-cosy indoor shoes come in four styles, three block colours (grey, navy, and beige), and a patterned pair in leopard print. The natural and midnight pair have been the brand’s fastest selling colours so if they are your favourite, we recommend moving fast. 


Arundel Shearling Slippers in Navy, £55, Hush

At £55, these are a bit of an investment, but considering the amount of time you’ll be wearing them (pretty much every second of every day), this is a justified spend in our opinion. 

Hush’s bestselling style perfectly represents 2020 (and 2021’s ongoing) obsession with slider slippers, which have quite possibly been the most popular style throughout the past year. 

Arundel Shearling Slippers in Beige, £55, Hush

Other retailers such as The White Company have sold through their styles of slider slippers, as well as other brands such as Ugg and Emu Australia. You can find this design pretty much everywhere on the high street, but these Hush beauties are perhaps our favourites of the moment due to their 100% shearling makeup and super fluffy appearance. In short, we’re totally sold on these.