Flowers for hay fever sufferers: How to build a low-pollen bouquet

Flowers are the ultimate gorgeous gift – unless you’re facing a bout of hay fever.

With pollen counts set to soar throughout the season ahead, the experts at (a branch of the Flower Council of Holland) have created a useful list of the best flowers for hay fever sufferers, so that you can ask your florist to build a bouquet that won’t set off symptoms.

Partnering with East London florist Grace & Thorn, they’ve made a stunning arrangement containing low-pollen flowers for a ‘hay fever-proof’ bouquet (pictured above) – and shared the flowers they’ve included so that you know what to look out for too.

Steer clear of hyacinths, chrysanthemums and sunflowers, to name a few, and look for these instead:

Best flowers for hay fever sufferers

‘Thankfully, all shapes and sizes of these classic beauties only release small amounts of pollen into the air and so are a safe choice for hay fever-sufferers,’ they say. ‘To further minimise pollen exposure, opt for tight-budded varieties. These come in a variety of colours which can transform the look and feel of your bouquet – for example opt for a cheerful yellow rose for a pop of colour or opt for the classic white rose for simplicity and elegance.’

‘This charming bloom is perfect for adding a touch of colour and texture to a bouquet thanks to its pointed petals and pin-cushioned like centre. A low allergy flower that produces little pollen, the Astrantia will add a wildflower feel to your bouquet – and it’s also super on-trend, so a must-have for Spring bouquets.’

‘Tall, slender and brightly coloured in appearance, the yarrow flower is an ideal bouquet addition as it possesses anti-allergenic qualities which prevent the release of histamine – the substance which cause allergic reactions,’ they explain. ‘As well as being a popular flower to add volume and texture to a bouquet, Yarrow is also a regular in herbal remedies to combat allergies.’

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)
Apparently, in ancient times, snapdragons (named after their beautiful bloom which resembles a dragon’s face) were thought to have supernatural powers and offer protection from witchcraft. ‘Facing more modern-day problems, snapdragons are a safe choice for allergy sufferers thanks to their tightly closed buds which minimise the release of pollen,’ the experts add. ‘These are perfect within a mixed bouquet thanks to their multiple blossoms which coat the flower stem.’