Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama in an upcoming drama about America’s First Ladies

There’s nothing we love more than a star-studded TV drama inspired by real life events. From The Crown to American Crime Story, we simply can’t get enough. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Viola Davis is working on a new series based on the personal and political lives of America’s First Ladies.

First Ladies tv show
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Aptly entitled First Ladies, the show will be executive produced by Davis and her husband Julius Tennon under their production company JuVee Productions and Lionsgate for US network Showtime.

Not much has been revealed about the series just yet but we have been informed of some tidbits. Here’s what we know so far…

The plot

First Ladies will explore both the personal and professional lives of some of the most renowned women who’ve lived in the White House throughout history. The first season will kick off with Michelle Obama while also looking at Betty Ford and Eleanor Roosevelt.

First Ladies tv show
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It will be set in the White House’s residential East Wing (as opposed to West Wing) and shine a light on how some of the most historical decisions in American politics were made behind the scenes.

The cast

As well as her role as Executive Producer, Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama. The 54-year-old Oscar winner has recently expressed that while she is excited to portray the beloved former First Lady, there is a degree of anxiety that comes with it too.

‘Listen, here’s the thing, you could either fail really big or succeed really big, and I feel this is my succeed very big or fail very big moment,’ she told Entertainment Tonight. ‘I’m a little scared… I’ve met Michelle Obama and… exactly what you think she is, she is. She’s awesome. She’s awesome in every way. She’s smart. She’s confident. She’s articulate. She believes in sisterhood.’

She added: ‘I think Michelle Obama really sacrificed a lot being in the White House, being the first lady, but being the first lady of colour also, which is…who do you go to to learn that?’

No other cast members have been confirmed so far.

The air date

First Ladies is still in the pre-production stage so we’ll have to wait patiently for any information regarding a potential release date – especially in the UK.